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Jamila Woods – El Club – 5.24.19

It’s hard to explain the enigma that is Jamila Woods. Her seamless blend of energy and soul mesh so well together that on stage that mixture increases tenfold.

On May 24th, Woods took her live experience to El Club in Detroit, MI and serenaded a very invested audience.

The night started with New York based Nitty Scott. Originally born in Grand Rapids Michigan, Scott felt right at home rocking the packed El Club. With a very impressive sound that covers all bases, Scott turned the crowed up, mourned the death of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle and finally closed out with a boom bap type sound that Detroit is known for. The Detroit roots are evident in her music which made more of an enjoyable experience.

Rumbling drums shook the venue accompanied by soothing keys and a beautiful guitar solo as Woods’ accompanying band took the stage.

Woods broke into the first song ‘BETTY’ on her 2019 effort LEGACY! LEGACY! Playing the album in its entirety, Woods captivated the audience with reworked renditions of some songs on the album.

After the new album was finished, she dipped into a few songs off her debut album Heavn to the pleasure of everyone in the room. Very aware of her way with words, Jamila would often flow into new songs with spoken word; a beautiful touch to an already beautiful evening.

If you attend a Jamila Woods show, expect to hear quality music. An amazing band compliments Woods’s storytelling, sometimes telling a story within itself with band solos that would sometimes last 5 minutes.

These shows are for the music lovers by music lovers.

Catch upcoming dates and music from Woods here.

Nitty Scott

Jamila Woods

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