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Modsun – The Shelter – 3.9.20

MOD SUN is the type of artist you can’t define to any one genre – with elements of rap, rock, punk and pop, Derek Smith blends them all together to give a listening experience unlike most others today.

Smith released his first single of 2020, “Kinda Like it Now,” in January. This follows a slew of singles all 2019 such as “Uppers and Downers” and “i remember way too much.” 

Smith shared some of his recent life choices; he proudly stated that the “Your Favorite Movie Tour” is the first tour he is completely sober on and his overall happiness shows through his electric performance. Smith focused his efforts on putting a tour together not only for his own happiness, but for his fans as well.

Alongside friends 7715, Lost in Paradise, Jimmy M Bennett and Pablo Dylan there was no shortage of talent on the night covering all different genres.

The happiness radiated off of the Minnesota native with his birthday at midnight and having the first sold out show of the tour. He stated multiple times that he has been “dreaming about this particular show.”

Fans got everything they wanted and more when Smith performed close to every single dropped in 2019 as well as some cuts off of his 2017 album BB.  

Smith appeared to almost be in tears as he celebrated his birthday at midnight with the first sold out show of the tour. Everyone could tell this wasn’t just an average show for him, this was one everyone in the room would remember for years to come.

Visit here for more information on MOD SUN’s upcoming shows. 



Lost In Vegas


Pablo Dylan

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