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Resurget Magazine looks to blend the surging national music scene with the lively Michigan local music scene by providing top quality coverage of not only well established artists but also budding local talent in a consistent and professional manner.

Resurget Magazine blends concert reviews and full photo galleries as well as album reviews, features, and interviews with your favorite local and national artists, to provide you with up to date coverage of the music you love.

The Resurget Podcast focuses on conversations with Michigan bands, artists and influencers around the flourishing Michigan music scene!

Meet The Team


Robert Sherman is the founder of Resurget Magazine. Robert contributed to Acentric Magazine extensively prior to forming Resurget Magazine. He has also provided photo work to media relations firm Restless Digital, and has worked for various artists nationally.


Kailey Howell is the Editor-in Chief, social media coordinator, and local liaison of Resurget Magazine. Prior to leading Resurget Magazine, Kailey was the Assistant Music Editor for The Pit, and handles publicity for Livonia band As We Divide.

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Hope Winkles is the lead writer for Resurget Magazine. Mainly handling interviews and previews, they have also written opinion-editorial pieces for the publication and enjoy writing feature stories. Hope formerly has written sports stories for The Pit Media and is experienced in studio and field settings.

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Ryan Miller is a graduate fromWayne State University with a bachelor’s degree in online and print communications. He has a passion for creating inclusive, digital content. Miller also loves making and analyzing creative content – including his poetry blog and album reviews.


Alexis Backus is a contributing writer and photographer who works closely with Fusion Shows. In addition to her work as a concert photographer, she has worked closely with artists to create portraits and social content.


Jeffery Mullins is the renaissance man here at Resurget. Jeff is a Detroit-based published freelance photographer, musician, actor, barista and adventurer. He is also a member of the traveling creative community, Trend45.

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