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Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine (ExJ) release video for “Want You Back”

Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine Press Photo

Last month, Canadian duo Elijah Woods and Jamie Fine (ExJ) released the music video for their new single “Want You Back.”

The defining pair emerged in the music scene after winning the award show The Launch in 2018. The success allowed them to release their song “Ain’t Easy” on Big Machine Records. In May 2018, Music Canada certified the single as Platinum.

Since then, the band has been nominated four times for the JUNO award.

The two create their entire sound, including production and songwriting.

“We’re typically really emotional writers, and when ‘Ain’t Easy’ came to be, it was actually quite poppy for us, and a little more dance-y,” ExJ tells Billboard. “And so when people started reaching out and telling us that it was really connecting with them, and they were going through a hard break up, or just a difficult relationship we thought that was really interesting, because we connected with the song on a little bit less of an emotional level, a little bit more of a fun level than what we’re used to. So, it was interesting to see people connecting with it on an emotional level, and it made us listen to the song in a really different way than when we first released it. That was really cool for us.”

Stream more of their music on Spotify or Apple Music.


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