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Greater Impact House aims to renovate old Detroit home into unique, creative space

Greater Impact House

Alexander Vlachos, a Detroit based indie folk artist known by the moniker Greater Alexander, has recently set out on a mission to develop a new kind of creative space – Greater Impact House. 

Aiming to build a substance-free environment for creative expression and exploration, Alexander Vlachos took a leap and purchased a Detroit home built in 1911, with music licensing funds from his own works. From there, he began the process of bringing his dream to life. As a musician himself, he wanted to cultivate the creative space and community that he had always searched for as an artist.  

With inspiration from his day residency at Assemble Sound and his partner’s experience with the local artist residency The Forge, Vlachos created the Greater Impact House to foster an environment of accountability and inspiration for local artists. 

Currently, the Greater Impact House is under renovation. Through a crowdfunding campaign and the release of three new, original albums, Vlachos plans to raise funds to turn the old building into a haven for creatives to inspire and motivate each other. 

However, that isn’t all he has planned for the residency. Motivated by his own experience processing and creating through past traumas, Vlachos also hopes the Greater Impact House can provide a space for artists to talk about their trauma and experiences in order to hold each other accountable to healthy, positive habits.

To him, a productive day at the Greater Impact House would promote practices that help artists set goals, and then reach them.

“The routine for each artist will vary,” he says, “but by offering accountability and structure through our own practice, we will help inspire each other by finding comfort in the rhythm of routine.” 

Though the house isn’t yet open to new residents, local artists are encouraged to use the space to get inspired and connect with one another until renovations are complete.

Once the house is ready, there will be an online application and video interview open for residents to apply for either live-in or day studio residencies. 

Until then, the Greater Impact House stands as a promise of what the future can hold for the creative community in Detroit: a revitalization through urban renewal, intentional creation, and compassionate support.

For more information on the Greater Impact House, check out their FAQ page or find them on Instagram or Facebook

If you are interested in contributing to the renovation fund, you can support the project here

Photo by Jon Deboer, taken from Facebook.


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