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Hope Vista debuts new single ‘SKIN & BONES’ alongside upcoming novel

“Originally, the goal was to look at my life as a whole and see how I’ve evolved, I wanted a cathartic experience.”

Hope Vista recently released her first solo single in three years. “SKIN & BONES” shows a different sound for Vista than her debut solo EP, PREVAIL.

You can stream the single on Spotify here.

“”‘SKIN & BONES’ is a result of evolution, but also a representation of how I was feeling when I wrote the track,” Vista told us. “It pairs complex emotions with simplistic and minimalistic production, a nice contrast.”

The new single strays far from the punk rock vibes that PREVAIL embodied. The soft, ambient tones show a maturation, something that is present in lyrical content as well.

“I was 20/21 when I wrote the tracks on PREVAIL; I’m 25 now,” Vista explained. “My tastes have evolved, my palette has expanded as I’ve gotten older and continue working in the industry.”

Vista will also be releasing an autobiography titled Prevail: Finding Normal that is a chronological telling of her life experiences thus far. The album will be available exclusively and digitally on Amazon January 8th, 2019.

“Originally, the goal was to look at my life as a whole and see how I’ve evolved,” Vista said. “I wanted a cathartic experience. As I kept writing, it evolved into a means of trying to piece together moments in time that I’ve forgotten.”

This is Vista’s first full-length novel, after having earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Writing Arts at Rowan University in 2015. Vista was diagnosed with PTSD and generalized anxiety at a young age, the novel is an exploration of how that has shaped her life.

“I realized how many memories my brain has blocked out in response to trauma.” Vista elaborated. “I didn’t realize how in depth it was until I got a bit of a way into the book. Once I made that connection, I kept writing to try and rediscover some of those forgotten pieces. There were small things I was able to remember along the way, but some things I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to. Either way, it was still a therapeutic experience for me and I’m glad I devoted the time to create this narrative.”

Despite releasing solo work and working on her writing, Vista has not neglected VISTA, the alt-rock band that she is the vocalist in.

“I will not be releasing any other solo music for the time being; VISTA is my main career priority and it will stay that way,” Vista stated. “Writing on your own, you can just make production choices freely, so that’s the primary difference.”

Vista plans on spending 2019 to focus on writing and prepping for shows in VISTA following the release of her novel.

You can follow Vista on Facebook to keep up to date with everything she has in store.




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