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John and Joe release debut self titled EP

“It’s just basically a diary entry of all the things that were going through my head. I didn’t care if nobody understood what I was talking about either”

Nashville based indie band John and Joe has caught our eye as they released their debut self titled EP. The band consists of John Doyle and Joseph Kashas.

Since the release of the first single off the EP, “Honeyman”, the two have distinguished their upbeat indie pop sound. For fans of bands such as Walk the Moon, this duo is definitely one to keep on your radar.

John and Joe is available for purchase and streaming across music platforms. “Honeyman” is currently being featured in our Summer Jams Spotify playlist.

Editor in Chief Kailey Howell spoke with Doyle regarding the band’s debut into the indie scene.

Kailey Howell: Congrats on the release of your debut EP! Take me back to the start of it. What brought you two together to start making music?

John Doyle: We’ve known each other for a long time. In middle school I was playing music with some guys and we needed a few more to get a full band together. Joseph was always asking if we needed a bassist. At the time, we needed a drummer more. After a while, our bassist quit and Joseph started playing with us. We’ve been writing together ever since.

KH: When writing the EP, which song resonates with you more personally?

JD: They’re all so renasant for me, but I think “Key Chain” resonates the most. It’s just basically a diary entry of all the things that were going through my head. I didn’t care if nobody understood what I was talking about either. For that reason, it really resonates.

KH: Was there any obstacles in writing the EP?

JD: The biggest obstacles were writing lyrics and getting the overall production to sound as good as we could possibly get it. We produced and recorded this ourselves, and that came with a little bit extra stress.

KH: Debuting yourselves as a band, what is one thing you want listeners to get from John and Joe?

JD: We just want as many listeners as we can possibly get at the moment. I guess, as far as what they get from us. I’d love it if they could relate to our lyrics. Or maybe have a guitar or bass line that really resonates with them.

KH: I really enjoy the first single “Honeyman”, can you tell me about that song and the inspiration behind it?

JD: Thank you so much! It’s an 80’s inspired song that me and Joe wrote over a couple weeks. We were just jamming on this bass idea that he had, and I came in with guitar. The lyrics are about being in your 20’s and some of the weird relationships that happen. The lyrics kinda touch on becoming romantic with a friend but neither of you being interested in a serious relationship.

KH: Who are some artists/albums that you avidly listen to?

JD: Chvrches new album is super good. I’ve always liked them. Their first album really resonated with me in a musical way. And this new one really hits it home and does the same for me. I love Robert Palmer, Squeeze, Bad Suns, The 1975, Peter Gabriel… There’s so many. Growing up me and Joe loved pop/punk. I think there’s a hint of that still in our music.

KH: What’s in store for the rest of the year for you guys?

JD: SHOWS!!! We wanna play as many shows as we can. And release more music. I think at some point we’d love to have a manager to help us organize everything. That’s a realistic goal I think.

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