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Joyce Manor – St. Andrews – 8.6.19

On August 6th Joyce Manor took their summer tour to St. Andrews Hall in Detroit Michigan. With the help of California punk group Awakebutstillinbed and co headliners Saves The Day; energy, emotion and fun was the inevitable result.

Opening the night was Awake But Still in Bed. The 5 person band juiced up the hall from the jump with sounds reminiscent of that feel good pop punk and a surprising similarity to the popular “riot grrrl” genre made famous in the early 90s by bands such as Sleater-Kinney, Bratmobile and Heavens to Betsy.

Within their seven song set they were able to amp the audience up with cuts off their 2018 album What people call low self esteem is really just seeing yourself that way.

Saves the Day has been perfecting their pop/punk rock sound since the late 90s. All along the way gaining a strong fan base. With the release of their most recent album 9. The New Jersey outfit proved that they like wine, only get better with age.

The band seemingly felt right at home as they demanded and had the crowds attention, playing songs from almost every album from their discography. A set that is pretty rare these days from bands. 

In 2012, Joyce Manor came out of nowhere with Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired, a refreshing entry into the post punk scene. With room to grow everyone was excited – thinking they could be the next stars in the genre.

Fast forward 7 years and they are headlining their own tour. Their latest album Million Dollars to Kill Me while on the more experimental side, still gives fans exactly what they’re looking for when they want Joyce Manor.

Personally, I had worried that with this album being a bit more emo and somber that the same energy Joyce Manor has been know to have wouldn’t be able to translate into a live setting.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

The band started with the first few songs from the new album. After that, they had Detroit in the palm of their hands. Transitioning to their older cuts, they nearly blew the roof off the place.

A Joyce Manor show is an experience that will feel surprisingly nostalgic. Within their seven years in the spotlight they have been able to stay at the top and fill our summer nights with our friends with great memories that will be relived through the show.

To stay up to date with upcoming shows, visit their website here


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