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Knocked Loose supporting ADTR on tour before upcoming new album

If you don’t know how Knocked Loose are yet and you’re into rock/metal music, you are living under a rock.

Ever since the release of their debut album Laugh Tracks in 2016, the band has taken the rock scene by storm. Most recently, their spot as direct support of icons A Day to Remember on the Raising Hell in the Heartland tour this summer.

The band recently announced their upcoming sophomore album  A Different Shade of Blue alongside their new single “…And I Still Wander South.” The album is set to release August 23.

The single proves that the band will not be falling lighter in tone anytime soon. The heavy, in your face sound that Laugh Tracks embodies still holds true. However, this isn’t to say there is not some change. The new single shows growth and development, almost a more rounded sound.

The band kicked off the tour with ADTR in Columbus, Ohio with a whirlwind of energy. Their set was perfect for getting the crowd rowdy for the evening.

The opened their set with “By the Grave,” another track off the upcoming album. Vocalist Bryan Garris threw the mic around, and demanded attention from the crowd as his intense energy radiated off the stage.

Things got heavy after “Oblivions Peak.” While their set mostly included new songs and Laugh Tracks, it still included old favorites like “All My Friends” and “The Gospel” from their 2014 EP Pop Culture.

Watch the video for “…And I Still Wander South” below and check Facebook for upcoming tour dates and music.

Pre-order A Different Shade of Blue here.

A gallery of Knocked Loose at Express LIVE in Columbus, Ohio can be found below.



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