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Like Pacific raises anticipation for sophomore album with “In Spite of Me”

“I’ve never been more excited to share anything in my life”

Canadian pop punk band Like Pacific recently announced their comeback with their second full length album, In Spite of Me set to release July 27 with Pure Noise Records.

Earlier this year, the band debuted the first single off the album, “Sedatives” which carries the same pop punk vibe that their 2016 album Distant Like You Asked contained.

One of the band’s most impressive songs is the title track off the new album “In Spite of Me”. The catchy chorus alongside the high energy riffs keeps the listener wanting more. The song shows growth and originality in the band’s craft.

This summer the band will be playing select dates in Canada. You can keep up to date with them on Facebook.

Editor-in-Chief Kailey Howell talked with guitarist Greg Hall about the upcoming album and what the band has in store for us.

Kailey Howell: How has the writing process been for the second album? Was there any different approaches you guys took versus the first? 

Greg Hall: The writing process for In Spite Of Me was by far my favorite. There were some similarities and some differences between our first and second record. The biggest difference was that we travelled for a portion of the process this time. We did some writing and preproduction in an isolated cabin outside of Boston for the majority of the record with Alan Day (Four Year Strong) before we finished everything off with Derek Hoffman back home in Toronto. We also had the opportunity to really take our time with In Spite Of Me. The writing process for Distant Like You Asked was slightly rushed for all of us I feel.

KH: Can we expect a sound similar to Distant Like You Asked?

GH: You definitely can! However you’ll find we went in more of a punk direction with faster, heavier songs where as a lot of bands are going in the pop direction right now.

KH: What song are you looking forward to fans listening to the most and why? 

GH: Honestly I’m just excited for everyone to hear anything off the record. I’ve never been more excited to share anything in my life. If anyone takes time out of their day to listen to even one song off In Spite Of Me, I’m the happiest guy alive.

KH: I love your new song, the title track, “In Spite of Me”. I especially love the music video for it. What inspired the concept of the video? 

GH: Thank you so much! The concept was created by Jordan and the director, Cory Santilli.

KH: If there is one thing you want listeners to understand from the new album, what would it be?

GH: Take any of the songs off In Spite Of Me, and relate to it in your own way.

KH: What new music have you guys been jamming to lately?

GH: We’ve all been jamming the new Culture Abuse record, Bay Dream pretty hard. Those guys really killed it, such a perfect summer vibe.

KH: I’ve seen you guys a few times live now and every time your set is so high energy and fun, by far one of my favorite bands to catch live. But take me back to your first show together, how was that compared to now?

GH: Thanks again! You’re too kind. We definitely like to have as much fun as we can on stage and try and get the crowd involved. That’s a little bit of a tough one as we’ve a couple member changes since our first show together. But we’re definitely so much more cohesive now. Over time it only gets easier to vibe and really get in the pocket with the rest of the guys.

KH: Where do you guys hope to be by this time next year? Is there anything in store you can tell me about? 

GH: This time next year? You know we’ll be gigging. We’ve got tons in store for the rest of the year. You’ll have to wait and see.



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