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Local Albums of the Year

As 2019 ends, we are left trying to narrow down all of the amazing releases that came along with it.  The end of the decade had no shortage of creativity and talent throughout all genres, which was especially apparent in our local music scene here in Michigan.

That being said, here are some of my favorite albums to come from Michigan artists this year, in no particular order.

New HellGreet Death

Last November, Greet Death put out their sophomore album, New Hell.  Fighting stereotypical genre characteristics by simply creating their own, the band demonstrates how to be a beautiful, walking contradiction.  The album varies in style from softer guitar to heavy instrumentals, all while keeping the listener in a sort of dreamlike state.

Where Do We Go From Here – Michigander

Midwest icon, Michigander, released a 5 song EP earlier this year that was much needed.  The record is full of relatable lyrics and coinciding dreamy, alternative melodies that will be stuck in your head for days. You might cry or you might dance.

Full Length Album – The Doozers

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Full Length Album will make you dance.  The Doozers released their debut full length EP this past summer, giving everyone the perfect opportunity to listen while driving with the windows down.  This eccentric indie band will you have you on yours toes from the second you start listening.

Another Truck StopMover Shaker

Mover Shaker’s sophomore album, Another Truck Stop demonstrates the wildly creative forces that worked to put it together.  The four-piece create their own sound by fusing emo, punk, new wave, and probably five other genres into one– basically giving everyone a little something to love.  With songs like “Midwest Amnesiac Blues” and “Service Provider,” they create music to dance to, sing to, and mosh to.  A big crowd favorite.

Heal – Jax Anderson

After shedding the name of Flint Eastwood, Heal marks Jax Anderson’s debut release as herself. This transitions into the album, creating a fully raw piece that is full of emotion. “Fear” invokes a power within listeners while songs like “Heal” make you want to break out and dance with a smile on your face.




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