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Devoted to self-love, Morgan Keller drops debut EP “Glitter & Gold”

Artist Morgan Keller in promotional for her EP Glitter & Gold

Gritty, raw and full of cheeky lyrics, Morgan Keller, a New York-based singer-songwriter, dropped her debut EP, Glitter & Gold. A soul-bearing, six-track record filled with catchy beats, relatable lyrics and a familiar Adele-esque vocal style, is sure to wow even the pickiest of listeners.

Keller’s influences span from Adele to Led Zeppelin, where she finds her sound mixing pop, rock and soul in a way that works well and is authentic. Keller has played in venues around New York City including The Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, Webster Hall and The Bitter End. 

Uptempo and dance-inducing, the first track, “Fight For Love” is a true testament to trying in a relationship – even if it’s not the right thing. As Keller sings, “Now the blame is suddenly mine,” juxtaposed with “fight for love,” it is a statement describing the two sides of a relationship’s demise – one willing to try again and another recognizing that maybe it isn’t for the best.

Happy and upbeat, “Who’s There” is a body-positive, anthem of self-love. With self-care and self-love becoming a hot topic, Keller’s urging of people to reevaluate their relationship with their body/mind is topical and very catchy. She also notes that it isn’t a simple task: “If it were that easy, I’d have it all figured out by now.”

“Still Talk to You” is another toe-tapping beat, using tongue-in-cheek lyrics to express the heartache and yearning when you know a relationship is unhealthy, yet you keep going back. 

By far, “New York Sleeps Alone” is where the listener is reminded of how much Keller and her influence, Adele, sound alike. This ballad transports you into NYC streets as the crisp air hits your face and people rush by. Keller captured the essence of Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” in a new and refreshed way that is unique to her.

A beacon of light to recognize an unhealthy relationship, “Sympathy” is an ode to starting to move forward, while “Feel Good Without You” is both a culmination of the prior tracks and the healing process from bad relationships. This song has the most cheeky lyrics of all including, “Please send me the bleach, after I’ll be squeaky clean.”

Keller has been creating music out of her NYU dorm before heading into the studio to master vocals. Her music is thoughtful and catchy while being raw and true to her experiences.


Stream Morgan Keller here.




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