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NOT A TOY signs to Fearless Records

Denver-based band NOT A TOY celebrated their signing with Fearless Records as part of the digital event, Fearless at Home over the weekend.

The band also released their new song and video, “J Cash.” The song mixes “acoustic southern grit with piano and is equal parts hip-hop and western saloon” according to the press release.

“We were in this dingy basement, and we just found out we were getting signed to Fearless,” explains singer Branson Hoog in the press release. “So, the lyrics are super true, but they’re also projecting where we’re going. It’s a bit of a cocky song. We felt like we had ‘made’ it, even though we were still in the basement.”

More music form the band is expected soon and information regarding a future EP is coming.

NOT A TOY does not confine themselves to one specific genre or label. The collective of creatives includes Branson Hoog (lead vocals,) Jeremy Marmor (guitar,) Benji Spoliansky (drums,) and TJ Wessel (violin, keys.)

“NOT A TOY is not just a band; it’s a lifestyle of art and creation,” says Hoog. “We’re not the first to combine different genres of music, but we’re also blending other artforms — from streetwear to art shows. We’re a snapshot of this generation’s tattooed youth and bedroom beatmakers. We’re just creating, and there are no rules to creation.”

The new single can be streamed on here. Find NOT A TOY on Facebook and keep an eye out for what they have in store.

More information on Fearless Records and their artists can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Fearless Records
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