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Pride Profile: Siena Liggins

Saginaw born singer/songwriter Siena Liggins is the city’s hidden gem. Her bio describes her as the  new voice of the young millennial generation.” While blending genres to create a unique sound, her lyricism and vocal power mark her as a powerful young artist. Liggins shares with us how her identity as a lesbian influences her music as well as the inspiration behind her new single, “Perfect.”

Where did you grow up?

All over the place. My dad was a marine so I’ve lived a few places, but I’m from Michigan.

How do you identify?


Gender – she/her

Does your identity affect your music? Why or Why not?

Being gay affects everything I do because it’s a core part of who I am, but it’s not something I fixate on or think too hard about. It’s like being far-sighted or having an extra nipple– simply a part of who I am. I just make music that I want to hear and I hope other people are happy when they hear it.

By the way, I only have two nipples and nearly perfect vision.

How does music allow you to connect with your identity?

The most connected to my identity that I feel is whenever I can feel the energy of other LGBTQ+ folk. Some of my favorite moments have been the Pride festivals I’ve played, but I also enjoy the random DMs I get where girls will be like “I put your song on my sex playlist.” That’s lit.

Who are your influences, musically and with lyrics?

I have so many influences. I grew up listening to a lot of top 40 music, classic R&B, gospel, and some musicals. I was obsessed with Disney movies as a kid and I still am. Looking back, I would love to say I watched the Little Mermaid a thousand times because “Part Of Your World” was fire, but it might’ve also had something to do with the seashells.

Are there any queer artists that inspire you?

Totally. Right now, I’m listening to a lot of Remi Wolf. She’s cool. I’m also a huge Troye Sivan fan. I love Victoria Monet. 

How do you describe your sound?

People tell me I don’t sound how I look and so I have a hard time describing my sound. I think the main thing that I focus on is whether or not the things I sing can be categorically catchy, borderline annoying, but also a little sexy.

What was the inspiration behind your latest single, “Perfect?”

‘Perfect” is really just me singing praises to women. I mean, I usually do that, but I wrote this song in a different head space— I just wanted to celebrate the girls’ existence by just dishing out compliments.

How was the writing process for the single different from your previous singles?

To be completely honest, the phrase “you’re made of perfect” started as a micro-aggression that my roommate and producer, Nydge, had been saying to me for like two months. Then one day, I threw it back in his face and was like well, now you’ve gotta produce this song that everyone’s gonna hear. That’s perfect.

Is there anything that you have in store for 2020 that you can tell us about?

I can definitely tell you that more music is on the way. I’ve been working on a larger body of work because I know folks are getting antsy with just singles. I’m working for a super impatient bunch, but I’d have it no other way. I can understand wanting more of me. 

You can stream “Perfect” and Liggins other 2020 singles here.


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