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Q&A: Sofi K

Emerging from the suburbs of Metro Detroit is up and coming pop artist Sofi K. Her recent release, “Ice Cream” marks her first single since 2015, and this girl is only just out of high school.

The young artist teamed up with Grammy award-winning music engineer Mick Guzauski (Madonna, Cher, Michael Jackson, etc.) and Bernie Grundmann (Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Mary J. Blidge, etc.) Together, the team created a funky, pop sound filled with jazz influences.

We had a chance to speak with Sofi regarding the single, as well as her upcoming sophomore album WAR. 

Kailey Howell: Your song “Ice Cream” is your first release since 2015…how does it feel to be back with new music?

Sofi K: I am super excited about my new music and can’t wait for the world to keep hearing my new stuff! I poured my entire heart and soul into “Ice Cream” and the ​WAR ​project and the wait was definitely worth it, I am so proud of everything my team and I have accomplished.

KH: Can you tell me about the writing process behind “Ice Cream” along with the upcoming album ​WAR?

SK: “​Ice Cream” was super fun to write and is a very unique song on the record. My producer Bryce Harding and I had the opportunity to create this song in California. We were in a funny mood and just started firing ideas back and forth at each other. At one point we got out four different color sheets of paper and that’s how we organized our thoughts.

The rest of the album was written in lots of different ways. Our preferred creation style is I write the lyrics first with the melody in mind then Bryce and I come together to craft the music.

KH: How was working with ​Mick Guzauski and Bernie Grundmann, two powerhouse engineers that have worked with big names, at such a young age?

SK: My producer thought they would be the perfect guys to help shape the sound we were looking for. He reached out to them and they were able to do such a great job. It was a real honor to have such music business legends work on my songs. They know the music industry so well and it was so exciting that they liked my music and collaborated with us.

KH: How do you think that your music has matured since your album release in 2015? Does it reflect the changes in your life?

SK: I definitely know my music has changed and grown. To me, the WAR album represents my coming of age. I was writing this album through high school. Each song reflects a different place in my life and the songs kind of grow and changed as I was growing and changing throughout high school.

KH: Who are some of your biggest influences in lyrics and sound?

SK: I listen to many different artists and appreciate different artists for their unique skills they bring to the music world. I look up to Amy Winehouse for her artistic style, lyrics and sound. She writes from the heart and isn’t afraid to tell people the truth. 

In terms of sound, I am inspired by Norah Jones, Megan Trainor and Duffy. In terms of a lyrical style, I am very influenced by all artists. I spend a lot of time listening to various artists and hear their different lyrical styles and phrasings. In addition, I also look up to people like J.Lo and Bruno Mars for their amazing performance skills.

KH: How does it feel to be releasing your second album only to have just graduated high school?

SK: I am super lucky to have these experiences at such a young age. Music is my passion and I’m honored that people have believed in me and my process through my first album and now the second. I am excited to see where the WAR album takes me next.

KH: You’re making tremendous steps in your career as a woman at such a young age – what are some words of wisdom you could give to other girls your age who want to get started in the music industry?

SK: I think it’s important for anyone entering the music industry to stay true to yourself. Let your music empower yourself and inspire others. Create from the heart and don’t let people tell you you’re not good enough. Work hard and stay humble.

KH: What can fans expect from Sofi K for the rest of 2019? Would there be a possible tour in the works for ​WAR?​

SK: There is lots happening!! A lot of new content, videos, singles and the full album releasing in the Winter! Fans can stay in tune and connected on my Instagram @sofikofficial. Touring is definitely something I hope to do in the future with this album but can’t share any details right now!

Stream “Ice Cream” on Spotify and follow Sofi K on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with news on the new album  

 Photo by Roe Photos


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