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Send Request produce a new, mature sound with new album Perspectives

“Perspectives honestly reflects our band maturing and that’s something we’re really proud of.”

Pop punk band Send Request hails from Nanticoke, PA and recently released their second full length album Perspectives via Sharptone Records.

The band’s pop punk sound stretches from a classic early 2000’s punk sound (think Sum 41) to a more current day pop punk vibe (think State Champs). The upbeat instrumentals in combination with Andrew Blank’s smooth vocals that emit relatable, honest lyrics create this powerhouse of an album.

Earlier this year, the band released a fun filled music video for one of the first singles “Dr. Dare Rides Again”.

Perspectives is available for purchase and streaming on all major distributors.

We had a moment to speak with Blank regarding the process behind the album, and what’s in store for Send Request next.

Kailey Howell:  Congrats on the upcoming release! With this being your second album, how do you think it contrasts to Make Your Move?

Andrew Blank: Perspectives is an entirely different ballgame from what Make Your Move was. Though some of the tracks keep the energy and immediacy that our first release had, there’s substantially more lyrical and musical depth to this album. Perspectives honestly reflects our band maturing and that’s something we’re really proud of.

KH: Your sound very much reminds me of Sum 41 and I love it. Who are some artists that you draw inspiration from?

AB:  I grew up on a hefty dose of late 90’s/early 2000’s pop punk. Bands like Sum 41, The Starting Line, Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182 and the list goes on. I can’t necessarily say inspiration is drawn from that era though because at the core of it all I’m always just a sucker for a great song regardless of the artist.

KH: Your single “Antisocial War” really sticks out to me, could you go more in depth with the meaning behind it with us?

AB: Yeah. “Antisocial War” is a pretty rough one for me. It’s about a tragic event that occurred close to home that substantially effected my life and mental state for a while. I really won’t go any further than that, all I can really say to anyone reading this is: if you feel you’re in a bad spot mentally, you have to find it in you to get help. You can get through this.

KH: The video for “Dr. Dare Rides Again” is so fun, what was the concept you guys were going for with the video?

AB: So Justyn Glory, the owner of Backbreakers Training Center was the mad scientist behind the concept & ultimately without him this video would not have been possible. “Dr. Dare Rides Again” is essentially about feeling stagnant with where you are in life and wanting to move forward. Justyn thought up the concept of us contemplating what our next move was and then to be enticed by a wrestling competition. If you watch the video, then you’ll understand that we’re probably better off doing music over wrestling.

KH: After the release of the album, what do you have in store for Send Request?

AB: We’re planning to rip a ton of shows to support the album. Hopefully, if we’re lucky, we’ll be able to jump on a rad tour or two! Other than that, we’ll keep creating. Being in a band is a constant grind!


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