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Shapes & Colors – The Crofoot Ballroom – 6.15.18

“[Shapes & Colors] make other local bands believe that they can do crazy things too.” 

Shapes & Colors, A Year in New York, Tomorrow the World, Signature Mistakes
The Crofoot Ballroom – Pontiac, MI- 6.15.18
Photographer: Kailey Howell

Shapes & Colors filled the Crofoot Ballroom with family and friends for a bittersweet final show that doubled as their EP release. Joined by good friends in A Year in New York, Tomorrow the World, and Signature Mistakes the band gave a heartfelt final set.

The band originated in Detroit in 2011 and together has combined alt rock with melodic influences to create a catalog of EPs.

Shapes & Colors is a band that has decorated the local Detroit music scene. This genuine group of musicians has opened for bands such as Beta Camp and I Prevail as well as being BLED Fest veterans.

The band’s dedication to their craft shines not only in their on stage presence, but their recorded work. The bands self titled EP leaves me speechless, and wanting more.

They opened their set with “Outcasts”, the first track off the EP. The positive beat had the entire room clapping along. Alongside the new songs, the band included some old favorites such as “Dead Friends”, “Loyal” and “Summer Soul” off of their 2016 EP Love / Sex / War.

Michael Miller of A Year in New York put it best when he gave thanks to Shapes & Colors on stage.

“[Shapes & Colors] make other local bands believe that they can do crazy things too.” he claimed.

Tomorrow, the World appeared for their first show in support of the band that night. They could have fooled me, they played such a clean, energetic set that they appeared as if they had been playing shows for years together.

Signature Mistakes also opened the evening, showing their love for their good friends in Shapes & Colors. The band drew everyone close to the stage as soon as the evening began.

You can listen to “Outcasts” on our Summer Jams Spotify playlist here.

Signature Mistakes

Tomorrow, the World

A Year in New York

Shapes & Colors

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