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Silverstein & Tonight Alive – The Crofoot Ballroom – 2.23.18

Silverstein, Tonight Alive, Broadside & Picturesque
The Crofoot Ballroom – Pontiac, MI – 2.23.2018
Photographer: Robert Sherman

The Get Free Tour has been making its way around the United States in the last few weeks, and is co-headlined by two bands from foreign countries in Silverstein and Tonight Alive. Hailing from Canada and Australia, respectively, the main attractions of the night are touring on new releases from over the winter.

The night started out strong with up-and-comers Picturesque hitting the stage to an arrival of a ton of balloons being thrown around the venue and onto the stage. The band interacted with the balloons, popping and bopping them back into the crowd as they hit the stage.

Broadside hit the stage next, having also come off of a good reception to their most recent release I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting, tons of screaming female fans welcomed Ollie Baxter while singing along to “The Simple Type”.

The pop-punk band played through fan favorites like “Hidden Colors,” “Damaged Kids,” and “Puzzle Pieces,” before ending their set with their most popular track, “Coffee Talk”.

Jenna McDougall, lead vocalist for Tonight Alive, had been battling an illness for the week leading up to the Detroit show, including cancelling their performance in Toronto completely, played a very shortened set in their return to the stage.

They started off with “How Does It Feel?” and you honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell that McDougall had a throat infection, because she still sounded amazing.

The Australian band got the crowd moving with tracks “Lonely Girl,” “The Other Side,” and “Disappear.” Taylor promised that Tonight Alive would be back ‘very soon’ to make up for the shortened set, before giving the crowd ‘one last chance to dance with us,’ finishing the set with a lively rendition of “Temple”.

Shane Told, lead vocalist of Silverstein, has gone on record to say that Michigan shows have always felt like hometown shows to him and his band, and you could tell with the near sold out Crofoot Ballroom, packed to the brim with fans of the post-hardcore band.

Coming off of a sold out ACTUAL hometown show in Toronto where they played two complete sets, a greatest hits and a full playing of their hit album Discovering the Waterfront, Silverstein hit the stage to kick off the final week of tour.

You could tell that they were slightly fatigued, perhaps from playing for over two hours the night prior or from having traveled across North America, but Told and company still put on quite the performance.

Starting the set off with “Ghost” off of Dead Reflection, their newest record, which let into “Bleeds No More,” and “Smashed into Pieces” from the beginning of their careers. Two more tracks from Dead Reflection an dthe band went into their most successful radio tacks “A Midwestern State of Emergency” and “Massachusetts.”

The Canadian band played through cuts from their entire discography through the rest of the night. For their encore they busted out the song that put them on the map in “Discovering the Waterfront,” and finished the night off with the most recent single, “The Afterglow”.


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