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Stick to Your Guns – The Crofoot Ballroom – 10.25.18

Stick to Your Gun, Emmure, Wage War, Sanction, Lucid Walk
The Crofoot Ballroom – Pontiac, MI – 10.25.18
Photographer: Kailey Howell

Stick to Your Guns packed the Crofoot Ballroom for an intense, hardcore show last week with friends in Emmure, Wage War, Sanction and Lucid Walk. The bands requested no barrier for a venue that (for the most part) enforces the use of one, while discouraging stage diving. This was not the case.

Fans streamed on and off the stage throughout the night, especially during “Married to the Noise” off of the bands most recent work True View. 

Following the bands political themes, vocalist Jesse Barnett gave a heartfelt speech about the importance of valuing your goals and relationships over money. He began to talk about the importance of supporting one another in the community in hard times.

“We need to remember that our neighbors are not our fucking enemies”

The band included songs off of Diamond such as “Against Them All” and “We Still Believe.” They closed the night with “This is More.”

Emmure was a perfect direct opener for this bill. The band’s strobe lights added an intense effect to the already heavy music. The band opened with “You Asked For It”, with vocalist Frankie Palmeri a whirlwind of energy on stage. Guitarist Josh Travis was full of smiles, and made faces with the crowd.

Briton Bond of Wage War is one of the most talented harsh vocalists I have seen live. Already a fan of the band, I was very excited for their set. They opened with “The River,” definitely one of their heaviest songs. After “Johnny Cash”, they ended their set with “Stitch.”

Sanction and Lucid Walk (not pictured) set the tones for the evening as opener. Their heavy sound and high energy was nothing short of any other band on the bill.

You can stream True View here.

Stick to Your Guns


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