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Thank You Stories Untold

“I don’t think Tim, Brennen, Jake, and Kevin have any idea how much their music, passion, and friendship has meant to me in the the short amount of time I’ve known them.” – Michael Miller

St. Claire Shores based band Stories Untold released their debut album Can’t Go Home and from there, took the Detroit local scene by storm.

“Our debut LP, Can’t Go Home was written and recorded with love using every spare minute we had while working and going to college” says the band’s Facebook page. “We also used just about every spare dollar (and penny) we could scrounge up in order to fund the album and music videos.”

With love.

Kevin Quednau, Jake Clark, Brennen Moloney and Tim Williams radiated love and passion for their work and the environment it was shared it. They were frequently seen at other local shows, no matter the venue, supporting other emerging artists.

“I met the guys back in the day when Hatchey’s was still around, late 2015.” says Jeffery Mullins. “I remember walking up to their booth as a brand new photographer to the scene, not knowing really all but one person at the venue.  They had an N64 at their merch table, and we played a few rounds of smash bros before their set.”

“As I went to more shows, their merch table became a home base to which I felt at home,” Mullins continues. “I had the chance to hang out and get to know each member on our own terms, even outside of shows, and that lead me to make the relationship I had with them.  They were the first band to really take a notice in me, and made me feel welcome in a sea of people I had no idea about.  I kept coming out to every show that I could to hang out, take photos, and hone my own artistic skills with all the guys doing their thing on stage.”

Humble is not a strong enough word to describe Stories Untold. After signing with Razor and Tie Records for an amount of time, the band did not lose sight of their friends at home.

“I shed a few tears when I saw Jacob Giampa and myself were mentioned in their debut album in the thank you’s,” says Mullins. “I felt like I was an unofficial part of the band, while I when behind the scenes with them at shows and their endeavors.” 

In August of 2018, the band announced the departure of Williams with a sad, but grateful   heart.

“We used to stay awake until 3 a.m. at this house talking about our dreams for the future,” Moloney posted on Facebook. “How we were going to change the world, and brainstorming ways for us to be the best versions of ourselves possible.”

“Without this guy, I don’t think I would be the man I am today.” he posted. “He’s instilled so much confidence in me while keeping me levelheaded and down to earth. He’s truly one of a kind and I will forever be grateful for the absurd amount of time we were able to spend together. Although it’s a shame to see him step down from Stories Untold, I can still say that he’s still one of my best friends and there are many great times ahead.”

Early 2019, the three piece announced their final album Forever is a Long Time along with the first single, “Mrs. Blues.”

“I don’t think Tim, Brennen, Jake, and Kevin have any idea how much their music, passion, and friendship has meant to me in the the short amount of time I’ve known them,” says Michael Miller II of A Year in New York.

“I jokingly told them that asking me to be a part of their final set was the meanest thing they’ve ever done to me,” Miller says. “Making me learn, practice, and experience these incredible songs, all while knowing they’d be heard only once live. But in reality it was the nicest thing they could’ve asked me to do. Having multiple late nights rehearsing those songs, making new memories, and reliving the old was the perfect send off for a band that influenced me so much.”

When the farewell show came, tears were shed and hearts were heavy as Stories Untold took the stage one last time. Friends, family and fans sang along to every song off the new album, even if they had just recently heard it.

There was an overwhelming feeling warmth and love when Williams took the stage with the other three members to perform tracks off of Can’t Go Home. 

“I can honestly say that thanks to the members of Stories Untold,” says Mullins. “I became much more comfortable with expressing my art and my love for concert photography.  And the guys let me do it at my own discretion, and trusted me with all the freedom for us to work seamlessly together.  I cannot wait to see how their new album affects everyone, and I will miss shouting ‘We can’t go home’ with all my friends that brought everyone together for good memories and even greater music.”

“Tim, Brennen, Jake, and Kevin,” says Miller. “I love you all so much and I promise I will continue to annoy and be a part of your life not matter what.”

Thank you Stories Untold. Thank you for showing the world some of the best that the Detroit local scene has to offer. Thank you for showing your support for others while driving your own career. Thank you for your humble beginnings that created bodies of work that touched so many lives.

You can stream Stories Untold’s discography on Spotify here. Check out a gallery of photos from the farewell show below.



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