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Tilian – The Loving Touch – 9.19.18

Tilian, Royal Coda, Andres, Sunsleep, A Year In New York, & Young Pioneer
The Loving Touch – Ferndale, MI – 9.19.2018
Photographer: Robert Sherman

You undoubtedly know him from the unique voice behind the clean vocals of post-hardcore rock band Dance Gavin Dance, but there’s a chance that you aren’t aware of Tilian Pearson’s solo career as a pseudo-pop rock artist, which, to be honest, you should get familiar with.

Tilian has been performing as a solo act since the beginning of his time with Dance Gavin Dance, has released three studio albums and two extended plays under the pseudonym, and was recently signed to Rise Records for the release The Skeptic, which is an incredible piece of work in itself.

Over the course of the last five years, the Tilian side-project has transformed from a work of passion, to a full blown second creative outlet for the musician. Throughout the releases and into The Skeptic, Tilian took his time to craft the exact sound that he wants his music to encompass, and it is very different than what you’d hear on a Dance Gavin Dance record.

Tilian’s work is softer, a lot more “pop” sounding, a ditches the metaphoric, technical, and anecdotal songwriting that Dance Gavin Dance is known for. The lyrics are more literal, more personal, and more relatable. The music behind the words is groovy, follows a pop-like structure, but does not ditch Tilian’s punk-rock roots, which allows his work to be a subtle breath of fresh air amongst the pop music we’re all used to.

Pearson, and his band made up of member of Dance Gavin Dance and Eidola, played through songs off of every release he’s put out. Starting off with the insatiable “Heartfelt,” “Someday,” and “Waste My Time”, one of the highlights the night was Andrew Michael Wells joining in on vocals to handle Jonny Craig’s parts of “Back To Life”, Tilian’s most streamed track.

Bidding an ode to the band he left to join Dance Gavin Dance, Pearson brought “A Faint Illusion” by Tides of Man out of the safe before playing “Cocky,” “Hold On,” and “Ghost” from The Skeptic, which was not yet released at the time of the show.

Providing direct support for the current singer of Dance Gavin Dance, was Royal Coda, the new project of former Dance Gavin Dance singer Kurt Travis. Royal Coda’s set was everything you’d expect from a band formed by Travis. Intricate guitar riffs and an incredible vocal performance caught the attention of everyone in the room.

Opening bands consited of Andres and Sunsleep.

Local bands Young Pioneer and A Year In New York drew quite impressive crowds for the first two bands on a six-band bill. Young Pioneer played as soon as the doors to the venue were opener, and A Year In New York were only afforded the opportunity of playing three songs, but captivated the audience from the minute they started playing.

I’m sure both local artists left the night with new fans.

Young Pioneer
A Year In New York
Royal Coda



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