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Yungblud – The Pike Room – 7/10/19

England’s latest sensation, Yungblud, has quickly been making waves over here in the states. His show at the Pike Room in Pontiac was sold out days in advance with a line wrapping around the building – one of the longest pre-door lines for the venue that we have seen.

Born Dominic Richard Harrison, the young male artist uses a creative blend of punk guitar riffs, emotion provoking lyrics and driving beats to bring a powerful sound that makes for an even more powerful live performance.

Harrison’s most recent single “Parents” is the embodiment of this.

Opening his set with “21st Century Liability,” the title track from his most recent album.

The sweltering hot venue (thank you Michigan summers) meant nothing to the dedicated fans that packed the fitted room. It meant even less to Harrison – he jumped up and down on stage, leaped up to the barrier multiple times to interact with fans, and lacked any sense of stillness.

Other songs off of 21st Century Liability included “I Love You, Will You Marry Me,” “Anarchist” and “Medication.”

If one were to take a step back – away from the cheering fans, away from the packed front row – the one feeling that reaches you is awestruck. Harrison draws a diverse crowd of fans, each of which are welcoming to one another and filled with happiness as soon as he takes the stage. They yell back their favorite lyrics with so much passion that it’s hard to hear who’s on stage and who isn’t.

Harrison closed his set with “Machine Gun (F**k the NRA).”

Opening the evening was Saint Phnx. When a show has such a high energy headliner, the support is often times crucial for setting that energy before the artist comes on stage.

Saint Phnx was perfect for just that. Their high energy drew the entire crowd in – new fans and familiar fans alike. The band included one of their most recent singles “Nunchuck” in their set. Stream it here.

You can stream Yungblud’s 21st Century Liability here, and watch the video for his work with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker below.


Saint Phnx

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