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11.28.22 – Eidola – El Club

Andrew Wells of Eidola holds hands with a fan at their concert in Detroit

Eidola was joined by Rain City Drive, Royal Coda and Body Thief in Detroit at El Club on November 28th.

The brisk weather didn’t stop swan-core fans from coming to dance and jam out at the band’s headlining tour. The intimate,  400 cap venue had wall to wall attendees boppin’ and dancing around to the poppy, progressive, and post-hardcore melodies that they were craving to hear.

Starting off the night was Baltimore based trio Body Thief.  The band features Steffen Gotsch of Royal Coda on bass. The group kicked things off with fast paced jams that set the energy for the night.  A majority of the crowd had already packed the room by the time the curtain call came for the opening act, creating excitement for the following acts to come. 

Although their set was only five songs long, Body Thief’s engagement with the crowd was to be remembered, with their track “Innerverse” igniting a mosh pit. 

Their new single, “Death, Drugs, & Dancing” is out now.

Following the opening act was the supergroup Royal Coda.  Their blend of post-hardcore, dance, psychedelic rock & funk always gives a sense of whimsicalness peppered with angst. 

Blue Swan Records alumni lead this band. Will Swan, Kurt Travis, Jason Ellis and Sergio Medina always deliver a fresh, yet nostalgic performance.  The members seemed to be very fond of their Detroit fan base.

Royal Coda was very in tune with the crowd, who was singing along to nearly each word of their set. Especially for “We Slowly Lose Hope For Things To Come,” fresh off their fall album, To Only a Few at First.  At the end of their set, you could hear fans chant for an encore.

Up next was direct support, Rain City Drive.  The band formerly known as Slaves pulled at heartstrings with their relatable,  heavy hits. They had everyone in the venue swaying to the grooves of their songs with a warm and energetic aura. 

Their new, self-titled album  is their second with frontman Matt McAndrew (NBC’s The Voice Season 7, coached by Adam Levine.)

Their alternative influenced sound brought fit with the same fresh and nostalgic atmosphere, but at a slower pace. This was a comfortable blend for the overall experience of the concert bill.

Finally,  the powerful Eidola graced the stage.  Led by lead singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Wells, the Salt Lake City-based group charged through their set.

It included songs off their 2021 album, The Architect as well as a few from To Speak to ListenLong time fans were not disappointed as they also included “Humble Ledger (Gnostic States)” from their 2015 album Degeneraterra.

 In between songs, Wells mentioned that the songs “Forgotten Tongues” and “Mutual Fear (feat. Jon Mess)” were some of his favorite to play.  In addition, he was very excited to calm the crowd for a moment with flashlights  high in the air for the song “Loti”. 

Later on, Dani Hawkins of Body Thief came to the stage to duet “Caustic Prayer,”and Eidola’s own crew member came up and performed Jon Mess’s feature amazingly. 

You can stream Eidola’s 2021 album The Architect here and purchase accompanying merch here.

The tour continues until December 11th and tickets are still available.


Rain City Drive

Royal Coda

Body Thief


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