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Our Top 30 Taylor Swift Songs

If you haven’t heard by now, Taylor Swift Eras Tour officially broke Ticketmaster. Fans braved the great war of stagnant queues, inflated prices, and numerous technical issues in hopes of obtaining any ticket to the 2023 summer tour.

In fact, Ticketmaster announced that the general public sale of tickets is canceled “due to extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand.”

Amongst the chaos, it got us thinking…if this tour is going to be of all of Swift’s discography, what songs do we want to see?

So, here it is:

The Top 30 Taylor Swift Songs (in our opinion)

30. “Maroon”
29.  “Afterglow”
28. “Forever & Always” (Piano Version)

At first glance, the original track is an angsty write-off to an ex. But once it is stripped of its bombast instrumentals, it reveals just how vulnerable Swift’s lyrics are.

27. “Sparks Fly”
26. “‘Tis the Damn Season”
25. “Cornelia Street”
24. “You’re On Your Own, Kid”
23. “Happiness”

evermore is an exploration into what  folklore started –  a deeper dive into Swift’s emotional subconscious. “Happiness” explores the grey area of a relationship on the brink. You can still love someone – even when it’s not meant to be.

22. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”
21. “Begin Again”
20. “Mirrorball”
19. “Cowboy Like Me”
18. “I Wish You Would”

1989‘s “I Wish You Would” feels like the perfect soundtrack for a John Hughes film. The song plays into the cinematic qualities behind any what-if, leaving listeners flirting with the idea of reconciliation and what could have been.

17. “Lover”
16. “Style”
15. “Last Kiss”
14. “Untouchable”
13. “If This Was a Movie”

The crown jewel of why Speak Now has the best collection of bonus tracks to date. (Because let’s just forget that “Girl at Home”ever happened.)

12. “Blank Space”
11. “You Belong With Me”
10. “King of My Heart”

The live performance of this song elevates it beyond what a simple listening experience can do. The percussion fills the arena and gives the song a larger-than-life feel.

9. “State of Grace”
8. “Wildest Dreams”
7. “Come Back, Be Here”
6. “Treacherous”
5. “This is Me Trying”

Swift took the musical scene by storm during the COVID-19 pandemic with the release of her Grammy-winning album, folklore. It challenged her typical sound and went into some enriching musical exploration – as seen in “This is Me Trying.”

It dives into the story of an individual who simply tries to exist throughout all of life’s unexpected challenges. For the students who fought for recognition when they were younger and now are trying to reconcile their feelings in adulthood – this one is for you. Because, after all, the act of simply trying is a battle hard-fought. 

4. “Enchanted”

Nothing screams classic Taylor more than the infamous non-single “Enchanted,” – a song that inspired multiple perfume lines, Tik Tok trends, and a response cover from Adam Young of Owl City fame.

“Enchanted” is the hidden gem of Speak Now – and most of Swift’s discography – because of how captivating the track is. It starts sparsely about seeing a magnetic individual and slowly evolves into a stadium-shaking masterpiece about how they left a lasting impression on you. Plus, the bridge, “Please don’t be in love with someone else,” is just so raw, pure, and – honestly – relatable.

3. “Clean”

There is something so refreshing and healing in the final track of 1989 (standard edition). In an album filled with pop masterpieces that will be embedded in the mainstream for decades to come – this song comes out on top. Co-written with Imogen Heap, “Clean” details the healing process after a tumultuous relationship.

It mirrors the jagged edges found in coping after losing a great love – stained all over you until you are finally clean. On an unprofessional note, you cannot tell me you never get SHIVERS when she sings, “The drought was the very worst” after the bridge. 

2. “Call It What You Want”

The path to reputation may be paved with snake iconography and revenge fantasies, but its highlight can be found in its soft underbelly, “Call It What You Want.” After the jarring first single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” fans and critics alike had no idea what to expect from Taylor.

However, this song is the healthy refresh we all longed to hear from her this whole time – a rebirth, if you will. It marks the beginning of the Joe Alwyn love story, and it is so lovely to finally hear her at her happiest – with all the haters in her rearview.

1. “All Too Well”

What can arguably be described as Taylor Swift’s magnum opus, “All Too Well,” is a transformative experience for any listener. This song tells the tragic tale of a love gone wrong – but never skims over any details.

It takes you from the first sparks of love – autumnal drives and infamous red scarves left behind at a paramour’s sister’s house – to the brutal end.

However, this is more than an anthem about doomed love – it is peak Taylor Swift across all categories: gorgeous lyricism, building instrumentals, and a nostalgic feeling that will stay in the hearts of all Swifties.

Plus, the fact Swift made a 10-minute version and accompanying short film to shatter our hearts further shows how committed she is to giving the fans everything they want and more. 

If you want to listen, you can find our top Taylor playlist here.

Photo by Ronald S Woan 



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