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Architects – The Majestic – 5.24.19

UK metal based band Architects released their first album following the death of lead songwriter, guitarist and brother Tom Searle. Holy Hell channels the bands emotions and passions, producing a honorary body of work. 

In commemoration of the album, the band announced a headline tour with special guests Thy Art is Murder and While She Sleeps. The heavy bill excited fans, and called for a packed evening at their Detroit stop of the tour. 

The band opened their set with “Death is Not Defeat,” the opening track on the album. The opening crescendo captivated the room as vocalist Sam Carter’s empowering vocals rang through the theatre. Fans raised their fists and sang along with Carter, bringing a smile to his face. 

While the majority of their set paid homage to their most recent album, the band included a large chunk of older work in their set as well. Songs performed off of All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us include “A Match Made in Heaven,” “Nihilist” and “Downfall.”

The band truly hit some old favorites when they broke into “Gravedigger” and “Naysayer” off of Lost Forever // Lost Together. Their set closed with a powerful two song encore of “Gone With the Wind” and “Doomsday.”

Thy Art is Murder vocalist C.J. McMahon left the tour part way through in order to be at home for his child on the way. Taking his place was Nicholas Arthur (Molotov Solution). 

This man filled the shoes perfectly. He captured and embodied the heavy, bold energy that McMahon upholds on stage. 

The second the band broke into “Holy War,” crowd surfers flew as the pit erupted. 

While She Sleeps did not disappoint as an opening band for the evening. Vocalist Lawrence Taylor crowd surfed during the set, proving just how much energy the band had. The band’s latest album SO WHAT?, released this year, can be streamed here

Stream Holy Hell here


Thy Art is Murder

While She Sleeps

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