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The Jonas Brothers Try to Find Their Sound in Happiness Begins

The Jonas Brothers have returned!

As a self-diagnosed fan of the brother band, having a full-length album being released after a decade has been one of breathless anticipation. However, a lot of nerves have factored into this wait. Since the breakup, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas have made their own individual footprints in the pop industry. Kevin Jonas and his wife had a reality television program Married to Jonas.

This is where the weight of the album comes into play – it could be the comeback effort or well, the dud. After all, former Disney stars Aly & AJ and Miley Cyrus have been making strides in their comeback efforts. To make matters worse – gasp – I thought “Sucker” and “Cool” were somewhat underwhelming in the development department.

But, I promise it gets better. After all, this is where happiness begins.

The Jo Bro’s Breakdown

Sucker: 7/10 – The lead single off Happiness drips of your traditional Ryan Tedder-penned Top 40 hit. It’s catchy as hell and the music video screams Wonderland fashion on steroids, but will it rank high in the JoBros repertoire?

I wouldn’t say it’s one of the most memorable additions in their discography, but it makes for a great time.

Cool: 8/10 – This James Dean-inspired single has definitely taken a departure from their usual subject matter: women. Instead, they trade love for an even deeper appreciation: themselves. Their retro music video adds a splash of color, a groovy aesthetic and a new sound to their collection.

Plus, looking at Nick Jonas’ arms doesn’t hurt, either.

Only Human: 6/10 – Upon first listen, I was a little bit confused on what the brothers were trying to achieve with this track. Indeed, it has a splash of a new reggae/pop-infused sound, but it struggles to find emotional gravitas.

I Believe: 10/10 – As one of the breeziest songs of the album, “I Believe” resonates well with fans of Jonas Brothers new and old. It manages to “hold on” to their usual boy band schtick, while giving it a modern facelift.

This love song spanning across lifetimes show the Jonas Brothers at their happiest – they deserve it after their years of self-discovery.

Used to Be: 8/10 – This song is the definition of smooth. With slow, building beats, it is almost reminiscent of a Post Malone throwaway. However, its somber message traces on the memories of old romance and old friendship tucked away

Give this one a listen – but don’t forget the Kleenex.

Every Single Time: 9.5/10 – If you think “Only Human” scratched a sample of reggae, “Every Single Time” fully dives into the reggae/pop combo – and it works. This is the perfect song to throw onto your summer playlist.

Rock out on the beach as you listen to this addictive tune about … well, a love you’re addicted to.

Don’t Throw it Away: 7/10 – Why does this song about a love you can’t let go sound like a song you just listened to? This The 1975/LANY lovechild is an emotional, summer jam if you’ve ever heard one. With Nick Jonas belting, “Don’t save the words ’til it’s too late / I know it hurts and that’s okay,” it finds euphoria in pain, while not knowing how to exactly translate it.

Love Her: 10/10 – I refer to this beautiful track as the older, wiser stepsister to “Lovebug.” With a mature and grounded sound, the JoBros croon about how much they will always love their significant others.

They even did something no straight man ever does – admit they can be wrong, sometimes.

Happy When I’m Sad: 5/10 – In my opinion, this song was their weakest link. It’s got the ingredients for a smash Top 40 single – note the catchy and heavily repeated chorus. However, for a song about putting on a persona for others, it only really scratches the surface

Trust: 7/10 – Get your shower speaker ready, ladies and gays. This R&B-infused pop song (a mouthful) is a sexy addition to their latest album.

This makes for the perfect slow grind song – just you wait.

Strangers: 9/10 – Buckle up and get ready for this future single . (I am predicting it!) This electrifying, radio-friendly jam is about true connection and the magnitude of a wonderful connection.

Grab your drink and dancing shoes, because this one is *it.*

Hesitate: 10/10 – So, the BEST song on the album (There, I said it!) is a love letter from Joe Jonas to Sophie Turner and it is honestly the most romantic damn thing on this record. Its raw honesty admits the flaws that can impact any relationship, but it’s honest enough to admit that despite it all, you wouldn’t hesitate to help the one you love most.

Rollercoaster: 10/10 – This title-dropping track was used in their Amazon-exclusive documentary, Chasing Happiness and it drips with nostalgia. Get ready for an emotional ride through the highs and lows discussed about the baby JoBros years.

Comeback: 8/10 – This song would be perfect for Camp Rock 3 – if it happened. (Just saying.) With that being said, the closing track focuses on a reunion with a significant other – or with a band. (Ya know, cheesy.)

However, it makes for great closure to this much-needed reunion.

You can download and/or stream their latest album here and grab tickets when the Jonas Brothers visit Little Caesars Arena on Saturday, September 7.

*Photo Credit Peggy Sirota

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