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Barns Courtney – Park West – 9.4.19

Barns Cortney, The Hunna
Park West, Chicago IL – 9.4.19
Photographer: James Biernat 

London based singer/songwriter Barns Courtney (born Barnaby George Courtney) is taking off across North America with The Hunna this late summer.

Most importantly, with his latest album 404 releasing two days after this show, fans were excited and eager to hear some new work as well as old.

That evening, the venue was packed for opening band, the Hunna early in the evening. The band gave an amazing electrifying set for the crowd as it has been a while since they have been in the states.

First, the band opened with “We Could Be” off of their 2016 debut album 100. Their set was split evenly between old favorites like “Bonfire” and “She’s Casual” and tracks from their sophomore album Dare such as “Fever” and “Babe, Can I Call?” Not to forget their most recent single, “IGHTF.”

It highlighted the energy and cohesiveness that the Hunna had when the group would surround drummer Jack (IK) Metcalfe and rock out together. All while vocalist Ryan (Tino) Potter flung the mic around, kicking his pedalboard away, jumping and running back and forth on stage, making for a high energy set.

You can listen to “IGHTF” here.

Finally, Barns Courtney took the stage with the same energy as The Hunna, running back and forth, sliding into the front of the crowd on his knees, and interacting with fans all night long. He opened with “Fun Never Ends” and quickly flowed into “London Girls.”

Courtney would throw his harmonica at the curtains behind him, emphasizing the theatrics. After the madness, the band left the stage and let Courtney perform solo. That night, he pulled up two of his fans up on to the stage because they just got married and came to see him perform on the day of their wedding.

Courtney closed his set with “Fire” and “99,” leaving fans singing right along.

You can stream 404 here and follow Barns Courtney on Facebook to keep up with future tour dates.


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