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Revel in Romance release music video for “Young”

“I sort of love the progression of songs on this EP because I feel like it shows our strengths and our weakness. There’s no hiding this time.”

Atlanta based alt/pop group Revel in Romance released the second single off of their upcoming EP Smoke and Mirrors.

“Young” highlights the bands anthemic vibes and raw lyrics.

“Young is a conviction song,” says vocalist Saxony Raine. “A belief in a knee buckling, heart skipping, beyond control connection to another human being. It’s understanding what love feels like for the very first time no matter how young i may have been and despite anyone else’s doubts in the validity of what those feelings may have been.”

“We chose to film Young in Athens with Dominar and honestly allowed them to interpret the song in anyway that they chose to interpret it and then to direct us,” she explains. “When it all came together I was stunned by their brilliance. The fact that I am in transit departing Athens, a place I truly cherish, reflecting on the love of my youth while not in control of the steering  wheel or where my next destination may be is perfect. ”

The bands upcoming EP, Smoke and Mirrors is quite the change from where the band originally started. Revel in Romance began as Raine her brother Parker Rehklau (guitar), and Devin Maier (guitar).

“The music we were playing as a trio was acoustic and very singer/songwriter,” Raine says. “But we wanted our sound to be more upbeat and we wanted it to be similar to the likes of pop radio or alternative pop.”

Mark Robinson joined the band as drummer, no stranger to the alt pop scene as a former drummer with The Jonas Brothers. In time, Raine and Rehklau’s older brother Remington joined as bassist.

“I think when we found our sound – we took it and ran,” Raine says. “We’ve progressed in our consistency and our dance moves have definitely gotten better.”

Raine notes that for Smoke and Mirrors, a lot of lyrical inspiration comes for her emotions.

“Whenever I feel something, I have to get it out,” she states. “I can’t let it sit in my brain, or I’ll explode.”

“This EP is full of my deepest emotions,” Raine explains. “Remington even said that this EP will have one of the most sad songs he’s ever heard on it as a hidden track. I sort of love the progression of songs on this EP because I feel like it shows our strengths and our weakness. There’s no hiding this time.”

The band released the title track to the EP earlier this year.

“The emotions I put behind the lyrics for that ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ are lyrics that I wish I could scream at half my ex boyfriends,” Raine tells us. “I never took a liking to drugs or anything like that and I never really wanted to be around it. But for some reason, I always dated people who were. But I didn’t approve of their antics.”

“In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have dated anyone who I didn’t like all of them,” she explains. “But, I was young. The inspiration that sparked this song was one person who I thought would never get mixed up in it, did. It crushed me. Obviously enough to write a song about it!”

Drawing inspiration from emotions is something that Raine feels strongly about.

“I want fans to know that it’s okay to feel and pour your feelings out, no matter what they are.” she says. “No matter how frustrated you are, or in love you are, or sad. All of them. I want everyone who hears our music to know that it’s okay to feel and I want them to feel all their emotions through listening to the words I have to say too. Cry, laugh, scream, love.”

The band will be releasing two more music videos off of Smoke and Mirrors in time, Raine notes that the concepts will be “very deep.”

“After this release you can see that we take our feelings another step further,” Raine says. “We grow on these emotions that have been sad and we think about the happy moments. The songs we [are] writing currently are very much in the realm of living in the moment and not wanting it to end, as well as not ending it.”

Follow Revel in Romance on Facebook to keep up to date with what they have in store. You can stream their previous EP Right and Wrong here.






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