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BLED Fest – Hartland Performing Arts Center – 5.26.18


Hartland Performing Arts Center – Howell, MI – 5.26.18
Photographers: Kailey Howell, Kyle Smutzki, Alexis Backus

This years BLED Fest put together by Fusion Shows was definitely one for the books. With headliners such as Foxing, Basement and Joyce Manor joined by favorites like Hot Mulligan and Jetty Bones, it was a talent packed day.

Spoken word artists like Andrea Gibson and Neil Hilborn had emotional sets that captivated listeners.

Talented local artists such as Shortly, If Walls Could Talk, Desires and Signature Mistakes were able to play for long time fans while gaining many new.

That was one of the great things about the festival, one could discover so much new music. Every room had someone playing at almost any moment.

Genres ranged from Michigan hardcore band Backswing, who performed their final set as a band at BLED Fest this year, to rap artist Astronautalis, to indie-rock band Greet Death.

The hour that was Jetty Bones followed by Hot Mulligan at Stage A was probably one of the highest energy throughout the entire day. A stream of crowd surfers and stage divers flooded the stage. Hot Mulligan featured “I Fell In Love With Princess Peach” as a treat for fans.

It was hot and sweaty inside, but that did not stop fans from packing together in front of the stages for their favorite artists. The hallways were filled with friends greeting each other, some who they only see every year at BLED Fest. Everybody truly came together for the music.

The inclusiveness of the festival was fantastic. There was a number of women not only performing but working for the festival as well. The representation of the LGBTQ+ community was strong.

The headlining sets of Basement and Joyce Manor filled the main stage with fans who stayed at the venue all day to sing along with the bands.

BLED Fest is something that brings the community together, and allows everybody to share their love for music in a safe environment.

All of our contributors were able to experience BLED Fest and bring back images of the sets that they caught. Check out our gallery below!

Better Thoughts


Greet Death


Signature Mistakes


Jetty Bones

Narco Debut


Hot Mulligan










Mom Jeans


Stories Untold


Pancho Villa’s Skull




Norma Jean


If Walls Could Talk


A Year in New York







Joyce Manor


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