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What to expect from Homesafe’s new album


“Nothing is held back here, and it’s all real. People are getting an album that’s very honest in the things we say and the way it sounds.”

Illinois pop-punk band Homesafe bounced back from their spring tour with a brand new single “Vanilla-Scented Laser Beams” along with the announcement of their North American summer tour with friends in Hot Mulligan, Heart Attack Man and Jetty Bones.

The band recently signed to Pure Noise Records, and will be releasing their debut full length album, One with them June 29th.

Since then, the band has also released “Run”, the second single off the upcoming album.

We had a moment to chat with vocalist Ryan Rumchaks to talk about One and what fans can expect in their debut album.

You can pre-order the album here!

Kailey Howell: Okay I have to ask, where did you come up with the title “Vanilla-Scented Laser Beams”?

Ryan Rumchaks: It’s definitely not an easy thing to explain as it’s such an obscure concept. It really was an “in the moment” thing that just made sense at the time. To simplify it, it’s just a vibe, I suppose, haha.

KH: Is the response to the song what you guys hoped for? 

RR: Absolutely! We are beyond happy with the response we’ve been getting about VSLB. It was a different kind of song for us to do, so we’re thrilled.

KH: Going into the new album, what was different in the writing process? Is there one song that particularly resonates with any of you?

RR: Everything is different all around. From the writing process, the lyrical content, recording process, etc. No song on ONE was created or sounds the same way as another. It’s all very natural and organic.

KH: What can fans expect in the new album that’s new? 

RR: Almost everything. We really broke the boundaries of the music that we’ve written before. Nothing is held back here, and it’s all real. People are getting an album that’s very honest in the things we say and the way it sounds.

KH: What do you want fans to get from the upcoming album?

RR: The messages we are trying to send. This is an album about many things; self-doubt, love, hate, loss, change, and coping as a young adult in a rapidly changing society.

KH: On a similar note, what is your favorite song that you have released to this date? Least favorite? 

RR: We love all of our songs, no least favorites!

KH: You’ve been seemingly on a nonstop tour with this upcoming summer tour following closely your tour with Boston Manor. What are some stops that you’re looking forward to and why?

RR: Everywhere. Seeing faces old and new. Feeling the energy of the live show. We are just so excited to play shows again.

KH: Hot Mulligan will be joining you this summer, a band that was also with you on the Boston Manor tour. Are you all very close? Any chance you have a favorite song of theirs? 

RR: They are great friends of ours! My favorite song is probably “Dary”.

KH: What are some venues that are on your bucket list to play? 

RR: We’ve already played a few that were on the list, being venues like Chain Reaction and 924 Gilman!

KH: With the surge in the the Midwest “emo” scene, where do you see it heading in the next year? 

RR: Rock and Roll, baby!

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