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Chelsea Cutler -Royal Oak Music Theatre – 2.21.20

Chelsea Cutler’s How to Be Human tour is a bold, meaningful escape.

“Tonight I ask that we open our hearts to each other.”

These are some of the words flashed across the screen during the opening of Chelsea Cutler’s How to Be Human tour. It perfectly captures the spirit of her Friday visit to the Royal Oak Music Theatre – filled with nothing but love. Joined by collaborator Alexander 23 and X Lovers, Cutler’s high-energy performance is the perfect example of just how far she’s come – as well as a glimpse into how much of a legend we have in the making.  

The 23-year old musician has become a sensation for the younger generations – amassing over 750 million streams, touring alongside Quinn XCII, and headlining two tours in a matter of two years.

Ever since releasing her hit single “Your Shirt,” the Connecticut native has provided the perfect anthems about growing up, love, and overcoming the pain points of relationships.

Her Friday night performance was no exception in showing her eclectic range – providing beautiful UFO graphics, massive beat drops, and an outstanding cover of The Killer’s popular hit “Mr. Brightside.” 

However, the evening began with Alexander 23 and X Lovers; both kicking the night off with lavish, electronic sets and enough throwback covers to get the crowd warmed up for the dance party ahead.

The California-based X Lovers opened the evening with a bang and the perfect range of eclectic tunes. Highlights include the meaningful and lush single “Sweatshirt,” as well as a surprise cover of Natasha Bedingfield’s staple single “Unwritten.” 

In front of a glowing heart backdrop, Alexander 23 performed several of most memorable hits – including “Mars,” “Another Summer Night Without You” and a rousing rendition of Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” The love for Alexander is matched with Cutler’s – as seen with him stopping after his set to take selfies with fans.      

After these heartwarming opening performances, Cutler’s set confirmed just how much bigger and better her presence has become – transparent with the amount of LED screens to help frame her lavish stage. Her performances proved to be nothing short of bombastic –  including the catchy hits “Sad Tonight” and “Cold Shower. 

The immersive songs to follow emphasized a range of dynamic and colorful lighting, massive sing-along numbers and a passion for music unmatched. The best can be found in the romantic, fan-favorite duet – “Lucky.” Outside of being one of her biggest headlining shows to date, the environment inside the venue was infectious – providing a safe space for acceptance, self-love and the shared passion for an icon. 

You can stream Chelsea Cutler’s debut album How to Be Human here. 

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