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Code Orange – The Shelter – 6.27.18

Code Orange, Twitching Tongues, Nicole Dollanganger, Vein, Freedom
The Shelter – Detroit, MI – 6.27.18
Photographer: Kyle Smutzki 

The Grammy-nominated Code Orange filled out The Shelter in downtown Detroit bringing along Twitching Tongues, Nicole Dollanganger, and Vein with local support from Detroit’s Freedom for this stop of The New Reality Tour.

Code Orange recently put out a 3 song EP The Hurt Will Go On which features two new tracks. One of which is “Hunt” which features lead-singer, Corey Taylor from the well known acts Slipknot and Stonesour. As well as a remix of “The Hurt Will Go On” from their record Forever.

Freedom opened the show surprising the crowd with performing the infamous “Intro” by Detain with their guitarist Will Kaelin joining in. The night began on a high note as the band quickly raised the energy in the room.

Vein took the stage next and the entire room turned chaotic. Promoting their brand new release Errorzone fresh from the oven of Closed Casket Activities. The reaction from the crowd made it obvious that the record made waves in the Detroit area. Frontman Anthony DiDio easily had the option to hand the mic over at any moment if he’d wish to. The band blasted the crowd with their patent sound of insanity and displayed the sheer unrelenting power on stage that’s been making headlines on outlets like Forbes and Revolver.

Trailing from California, it was time that Twitching Tongues took over the spotlight.

Colin Young sounded incredible. Twitching Tongues is a band that has always stood out to me for their heavy emphasis on the vocals.

The band played all of the crowd favorites with bangers from their most recent album  Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred as well as their 2013 album In Love There Is No Law. This caused for an outbreak of dancers and mic-grabs during songs such as “Eyes Adjust”, “The Sound of Pain”, “Preacher Man” and “World War V”. 

Next up was Nicole Dollanganger, an artist that easily stuck out the most this night. Code Orange is no stranger to breaking the walls of normality with not only their music but also with who they bring out on the road with them.

Her sound is much less aggressive than any other of the acts on the bill. Dollanganger combines deeply haunting vocals with mesmerizing lyrics wrapped up and layered on melodic rhythms and the results are artistically remarkable.

It was finally time that Code Orange would come to the stage, appearing to the room in total darkness with sudden flashes of harsh red lighting. The band was here to represent why they have earned the crown in any genre that they fall under.

Opening their set with “My World” (one of the heaviest tracks that I know of). Reba Myers started the iconic “siren ring” of her guitar to start the song off and the entire crowd appeared to lose their consciousness and fall prey to the acts of aggression.

If you’ve seen any live footage of Code Orange, it’s apparent that with their action the band carries a powerful message in each song they deliver. In their performance, they aren’t strangers with interacting with the crowd to display it by any means. There wasn’t a moment where either Joe Goldman (bassist) or Dominic Landolina (guitarist) weren’t running across stage helping stage-divers or yelling the words at anyone lucky enough to have a spot up front.

Truly a band that mastered their message and art; Code Orange is a “must-see” band when they come through the area. The New Reality Tour is going on until the 13th of July- check out the routes here and get out to a show.






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