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Stories Untold reveal what’s in store after debuting “All Your Fault” video

“We’re really trying to push ourselves and push the boundaries of our music, while still being able to express ourselves in an accurate and emotional way.”

Stories Untold has earned their spot in the Detroit local scene, playing numerous shows and growing close with the community. These four humble musicians released their debut album Can’t Go Home two years ago. Since then, they have left fans eager for more.

Today, the band released the emotion driven new music video for “All Your Fault”. The video tells four different touching stories, played by the band themselves. This gives a captivating visual to a song, creating something that resonates with almost everyone.

The band played Bled Fest this year, packing the room with friends and family. On stage, one can easily see the passion that the band has. Their stage decor featuring static flashing TV’s in addition to the samples that lead into their set creates an intimate experience with the crowd.

This August, the band will be opening for Plain White T’s as part of 96.3 WDVD’s Blaine’s End of Summer Bash. Tickets are available to purchase.

Editor-in-chief Kailey Howell chatted with band members Jake Clark and Brennen Moloney to talk about the brand new music video as well as what’s ahead for Stories Untold.

Kailey Howell: I’ve been jamming ‘All Your Fault’ since it’s original release on Can’t Go Home. I’m so excited to see it visually now as well, you can tell a lot of thought went into this video.

Jake Clark: Thank you so much! We’re happy to be able to put a video to the music!

KH: That being said, can tell me about the video and some details on it’s concept?

JC:  “All Your Fault” is about having to carry on when life gets tough. The narrative of the song takes a very dramatic approach on the message. In order for the video to match the song, we show four different stories of hardship and struggle played out by each member of us. Each member created their own story to play out.

KH: What drove you to create a video for ‘All Your Fault’ as opposed to other tracks on the album?

JC: We felt that “All Your Fault” had a lot of emotion and a very important message to convey, so we just chose to make a video for it. It was almost the lead single for the album, but we eventually decided on “Things Change”.

KH: Going back to Can’t Go Home, what song resonates with you the most personally and why?

JC: “Things Change” by far resonates the most with me personally because of how the lyrics trigger memories of someone nearly every time I hear and sing them. I usually write lyrics as a form of expression to relieve myself from what I’m feeling, but Things Change always brings those feelings back.

Brennen Moloney: Right now, “Hostage” hits home. The idea that something you love the most can lead to the greatest suffering is a powerful idea.

KH: Was there any song that was more difficult writing than others?

JC: Some songs definitely came easier than others. “Listen” was probably the most difficult song for us to write, just because we knew it was going to close out the album. It was hard for us to agree on how we wanted the album to go out, so we spent countless hours trying to get “Listen” to sound perfect

KH: I caught your set at BLED Fest and as always, the passion that you guys have radiates on stage. How did you all get together to start Stories Untold? 

JC: The Bled Fest set was a very special one to us. Thank you for being there. Anyways, we all grew up together and we came up with the idea to make a movie in college. We also wanted to produce a soundtrack for the movie, but we got a bit carried away, things got out of control, and now we’re grateful to have the opportunity to start recording our second album tomorrow.

KH: I’m so excited that you guys have a second album in the works, when you say you’re a much different band does that mean we can expect a different sound?

JC: I think it would be safe to say we’ve grown a lot as musicians. Our ability has progressed and our taste has evolved. We’re really trying to push ourselves and push the boundaries of our music, while still being able to express ourselves in an accurate and emotional way.

KH: Who are some new artists that you guys are jamming to right now? 

JC:  I’ve been listening to Belmont, Sonreal, Grandson, blis, and a few others.

BM: I’ve been listening almost exclusively to jazz, classical, Kanye, and these new songs to prepare for the studio.

KH: What’s in store for the band this year? Can we expect new music?

JC: We’re going to be working mostly behind the scenes for the rest of 2018. We’re recording our our second record and it’s safe to say that a lot is going to be revealed in this album. We are a much different band now. If you want to get a sneak peak of the new tracks, you can catch us at Saint Andrew’s on August 23rd with Plain White T’s.

KH: When you say you’re a different band, can you elaborate on that?

JC: We have changed both as people and musicians. We were never going to stay the same.

KH: That’s awesome that you guys are playing with Plain White T’s! Who are some of your dream bands that you’d love to play with, given the chance?

JC: Some of our dream bands would be Rise Against/Blink 182 for myself, Incubus for Brennen, and probably Death Cab For Cutie/Manchester Orchestra for Kevin!

*Photo by Jacob Giampa

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