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Desires release new single “Float”


Detroit based band Desires released their new single “Float” today. The single follows the addition of new members to the band.

“This is a really good group of talented musicians and creatives, says Brandon Coulter. “I haven’t felt this motivated or supported to write good music in a very long time.”

“We try to involve everyone in the new music we have been working on,” says Steve Goldberg and Brandon Coulter. “For ‘Float’ specifically, three of us worked together on a skeleton which was then built out further by the rest of the band. This tactic seems to work really well, and you will more than likely see this a lot moving forward.”

The band explains that since they come from different musical backgrounds and genres,  future songs will all have distinct sounds. Goldberg says that the band tries to make sure that no two songs sound alike.

“There is a core here that I think we will retain, but we are at a point where boxing ourselves in to a specific genre or sound isn’t something that interests us,” says Coulter. “If we think it sounds cool, we will put it out, regardless of style!”

While an album isn’t in the near future, the band says that fans can expect a series of new songs along with shows coming up.

Goldberg says that lyrically, the song draws inspiration similar to previous work, naming La Dispute, Movements and Sulli as inspiration.

“I try to be personable with everything I write…But that’s the answer for every Desires track.” says Goldberg.

“Experimenting in my music is one of the things I like doing most, especially in ways that completely throw a wrench in what people are used to hearing,” says Coulter. “For this song, we have added samples, synths, strings, chugs, even lush vocal harmonies. None of this is new or groundbreaking for the genre, but I really think Desires fans will be pleasantly surprised and happy with the new steps we are taking.”

“Float” will be available on streaming platforms soon. Visit the band on Instagram to keep up with what they have in store.

You can stream Desires’ debut EP A Collection of Thoughts here.




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