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Drug Church – Edgemen Printing – 2.1.20

Albany, NY band, Drug Church is currently on tour with Thrice. The band was set to play at Saint Andrews Hall on February 1st, but due to members of Thrice becoming ill the show unfortunately got cancelled. 

Luckily, Mark and Jon Lebiecki along with other friends in Edgeman Printing (located in in Clinton Township) were quick to move on making sure a show still happened. A lineup was confirmed and moments later there was a show ready to go for the evening.

Michigan’s very own Antighost and Great Reversals joined Drug Church in this last minute show and it was a great time. 

It was a bit shocking how many people showed up to this shop, even with only a few hours notice on location and time change.

Antighost started with a high energy set, starting to get things moving for the rest of the evening. As more people trickled in, the more excitement you could feel in the room. Great Reversals followed suit, leaving everyone with anticipation for Drug Church. 

The set started with “Grubby” from the bands latest LP Cheer, released in 2018 – leading into a mix of songs from their discography. Drug Church was nothing less of energetic and did a great job of reeling in the crowd as always.

From crowd surfers, to pits to Patrick changing his shirt multiple times throughout, just for the fun of it, this night was nothing short of entertaining. Drug Church ended the set with a crowd favorite, “Weed Pin.”

Drug Church mentioned that it was a nice change of pace to come to a more intimate environment and how nice it as to still see a bigger turnout to an unexpected show like this one. 

Shows like these prove the dedication people have to music. 

Drug Church continues their tour with Thrice through the end of the month. Tour information can be found here.

Stream the band’s latest single “Bliss Out” here.


Great Reversals

Drug Church

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