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The Amazons on tour with Dirty Honey

The Amazons performing at Saint Andrews Hall

After releasing their 2019 sophomore album Future Dust, Reading, UK natives The Amazons kicked off the decade touring with Dirty Honey across North America.

“It’s been a wild ride,” the band says. “We’ve explored so much. Played to some great audiences in some magical places. There’s an endless well of joy in the realization we haven’t even scratched the surface. ”

As UK natives, the band is looking forward to seeing new sites along the way.

“Everywhere is new to us so there’s always something we’re looking forward to seeing for the first time,” they share. “[We] think Chicago, Denver, Seattle and San Francisco off the top of my head.”

After releasing their debut self-titled album in 2017, the band knew that they wanted to work in a new direction.

“We knew after touring the first record we wanted to write a heavier record,” the band says. “Lyrically it was influenced by a lot of confusion and navigation in my personal life but also the world around us. We escaped to a cottage called Treetops in the south of Wales in summer 2018 to be free to write the record. We were isolated in this idyllic little community on the coast while it felt the world outside was collapsing around us.”

This was the second record the band worked with producer Catherine Marks on, leading to what they say is a more in depth body of work.

“[We] have more to say – musically and lyrically,” they explain. “The vision of this record was a lot more realized than the first.”

X notes that tracks “25” and “Mother” resonate more with him.

“’25’ for me reflects the confusion in my personal life and the world around me at that time,” they say. “‘Mother’ is me against the world. We felt under siege at the time.”

The band stopped in Detroit at Saint Andrews Hall as part of their tour with Dirty Honey. They performed a selection of songs off of Future Dust including “Doubt It” and “Fuzzy Tree.”

Despite moving in the new direction, the band gave nod to their debut works with performances of “Black Magic,” “In My Mind,” “Junk Food Forever” and “Stay With Me.”

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Photos by Jacob Mulka

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