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Elesa Marmo sings sensual, pop feelings with “Strawberry Candy”

Following the release of her debut EP Clear Blue earlier this year, Long Island native Elesa Marmo presented her newest single “Strawberry Candy” at the beginning of this month.

Marmo has previously released music as part of The Wilts, an acoustic indie band that released their debut self-titled EP in 2016.

“Strawberry Candy” was produced by Greg Almeida of VISTA. The song is a continuation of the sound that Marmo announced herself with. A blend of pop, acoustic and electronic vibes that create a captivating sound.

The sensual, honest lyrics that open the song provide an intimate beginning for listeners.

“I’m coming down from your high, hang up and leave me out to dry. Your quietness is my favorite sound, build me up then push me down”

Following the first verse, the song’s tempo picks up to a more upbeat poppy chorus. It returns to the same slower, quieter sound for the second verse, creating a successful juxtaposition.

You can stream Marmo on Spotify here. Follow her on Twitter to keep up to date with what she has in store.






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