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Real Friends – St. Andrews Hall – 11.24.18

Real Friends, Boston Manor, Grayscale, Eat Your Heart Out
St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI – 11.24.18
Photographer: Janelle Santacruz

Midwest pop-punk favorites, Real Friends, passed through Detroit last Saturday on their Fall in the USA tour. The band brought acts such as Eat Your Heart Out, Grayscale and Boston Manor along with them.

The female-fronted, five-piece Australian group, Eat Your Heart Out, started the night out at Saint Andrews Hall. The band opened their set with “Rust”  as Caitlin Henry’s harmonious vocals filled the room. Their 2017 EP Mind Games can be streamed here

Pop-punk Philadelphians, Grayscale, were second to take the stage and had the crowd going crazy for them. The boys love to call Detroit a second home because bassist, Nick Ventimiglia is a Michigan resident himself.

The band opened up with “Let It Rain” from their first studio album with Fearless Records, Adornment. Vocalist Collin Walsh stated that he had been diagnosed with strep throat earlier that day but he continued to give it his all on the stage, closing their set with “Forever Yours.”

Supporting act, Boston Manor from Black Pool, England made their presence known that night as well. Opening the set with “Flowers in Your Dustbin” off their sophomore album Welcome to the Neighbourhood the band was quick to get people moving around.

The band also included songs off of their 2016 album Be Nothing such as “Burn You Up” and “Lead Feet.”

Fans began to roar with excitement as Real Friends took the stage, starting the night with the first track off of Composure, “Me First.” The band had a very nice mix on their set list, including favorites such as “Maybe This Place is the Same…” and “Late Nights In My Car.”  

The Real Friends crowd was nothing short of energetic, cheering loudly as vocalist Dan Lambton expressed his love for the Midwest and specifically Michigan as he always does. Fans even got a fellow concertgoer in a wheelchair to crowd surf. The Illinois natives had nothing but big smiles on their faces as they watched the crowd sing along to their songs.

The band performed a 17 song set and had a great variety so all their fans, old and new, could have a great time.

Real Friends has announced yet another annual Holiday Show for Dec, 29th in Chicago that quickly sold out. The group will also be playing 8123 Fest in Arizona on January 19th followed by a brief tour in South America that will begin in February.

Tickets and more can be found here.

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