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Falling in Reverse – St. Andrew’s Hall – 12.2.22

Falling in Reverse sold out St. Andrew's Hall

Falling in Reverse, Escape the Fate and Fame on Fire sold out St. Andrew’s Hall. The trio brought a punk-rock & metal essence to the stage. The room was packed with recited lyrics and excitement  with over 1,000 attendees. One had to keep an eye out for crowd surfers coming from every angle of the audience.

It’s a very pleasant experience being at a sold out rock show at this venue.  The energy is fruitfully chaotic, and the embrace of every patron being there for their favorite act is intoxicating. 

That Friday night was one for the books. What makes it even more exciting is that this show was a part of a miscellaneous tour, which gave way for an even more intimate experience. 

It was a simple production with immense support from fans, what more could a concert-goer ask for?  

With only three bands on the bill, the supporting sets were definitely longer than the average 30 or so minutes.  Fame on Fire riled the crowd up with their blend of poppy choruses and heavy riffs.  Some of their notable songs off their setlist of the night were “Plastic Heart”, their cover of Linkin Park’s “Numb”, and their closer “It’s Okay.”

Vocalist Bryan Kuznitz insisted that the crowd light up the room with their cellphones for “Plastic Heart.” It’s understood across the board that in a packed out venue, that lighting scheme is a majestic sight to witness. The warmed up and energetic crowd couldn’t wait of the next acts thanks to Fame on Fire’s performance

Escape the Fate hit the stage next with a setlist seasoned with nostalgic as well as recent hits. Their performance was the most interactive and exciting set of the night.  Vocalist Craig Mabbitt had a powerful presence, both ambitious and confident while also remaining carefree and delightfully comical. 

All the members of the band paraded around the stage, poking fun at one another during their performance.  It was almost as if we got a glimpse of what it’s like to see one of their jam sessions.

Even though the whole bill was fitted with just a house lighting package for their sets, these guys brought a heavy hitting setlist and plenty of entertaining stage movements to keep the crowd enthralled throughout their hour long set. Each crowd member belted every chorus of Escape the Fate’s songs. 

To close the night was the headliner, Falling in Reverse.  Fronted by Ronnie Radke, the “Popular Monster” and “Voices in My Head” vocalist bought out his signature, theatrical pipes for those dynamic melodies.

In between a lot of their songs, Radke would reflect on a lot of what what immediately happening at the show.  He was continuously praising the fact that this sold out show in a theater venue like St. Andrews felt incredibly throw-back for him. 

“This feels very punk-rock, man,” you could hear him say as little soundbites, even during the middle of the songs. 

It was refreshing to see Radke appreciating what was right in front of him, enjoying himself, because that feeling was received and reciprocated by the crowd. There wasn’t a need for an extravagant lighting set up, or an arena sized venue. Falling in Reverse andEscape the Fate sold out St. Andrew’s Hall – creating a wonderful, intimate experience.

Falling in Reverse will be touring with Papa Roach, Hollywood Undead and Escape the Fate starting in February as part of Rockzilla: The Second Leg.

You can stream the band’s most recent two singles, “Voices in My Head” and “ZOMBIFIED” here.

Falling in Reverse
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