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Sleep Token announce their new album out May 19

Sleep Token

After skyrocketing their Spotify numbers seemingly overnight, Sleep Token announce their new album, Take Me Back to Eden, to be released May 19th via Spinefarm Records.

The band’s third studio album will be the closing chapter of the trilogy that started with the band’s debut album Sundowning.

“The Summoning” quickly began trending on social media after its release, accumulating 16.5 million streams globally.


Sleep Token announce their new album with the intention of showing that it will contain some of their heaviest work. Easily seen through their most recent release “Vore.”

While the band is no stranger to lengthy tracks, the title track for the new album is over eight minutes long.

What is truly jaw dropping about the band isn’t just the music, but the fandom that surrounds them.

Sleep Token offer their fans an entire world to immerse themselves in if they so wish.” writes Metal Hammer. “It’s a place of escapism, and the foundation of a huge fan community that’s dedicated to studying the band’s creativity. While they have the same fervor as any other fandom, there’s still a notable difference.”

Pre-orders are currently available including four limited edition vinyls.

Follow the band on Instagram and check back with Resurget for a review of the upcoming album.

Photo by Adamross Williams





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