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Fit For A King – St. Andrews Hall – 3.2.23

Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King

Fit For A King sold out St. Andrews Hall here in Detroit last week. Support for the winter tour included Northlane, Alpha Wolf and Kingdom of Giants.

The lineup guaranteed an evening filled with heavy tones and rowdy mosh pits.

The band released their latest album, The Hell We Create, last fall via Solid State Records.

Kingdom of Giants kicked things off with “Burner” from their 2020 release Passenger.

The North Carolina natives had much to celebrate this evening because it marked the official release day of their new single, “Wasted Space.”

Afterwords, fans were eager for heavy hitters Alpha Wolf to take the stage. The band wasted no time and debuted their set with “60cm of Steel,” a collaboration with Holding Absence.

The breakdown after the line “60 centimeters of steel in the stomach, I hate myself and you fucking love it,” initiated a stream of crowd surfers to flow over the barrier.

The set also included “Hotel Underground,” from the collaborative album, The Lost & The Longing. Vocalist Lochie Keogh was full of movement and energy on stage, never missing a moment to engage the crowd.

Concluding their set was “Akudama” – the band’s most popular track on Spotify with over 16  million streams. The song was one of the stand out tracks on their 2020 release A Quiet Place to Die. 

Northlane gracefully took the stage following unexpected technical difficulties. The band quickly started with “Clarity.”

Their set featured a number of tracks from their 2022 release Obsidian including “Echo Chamber,” “Plenty,” “Clockwork” and “Carbonized.”

In a press release, the band explained that the latter song “demands abusers and predators be held accountable.” The confrontation and aggression of the song was  just as powerful live as it is on the album.

From their older work, the band included songs such as “Bloodline” and “Talking Heads” from Alien. They also threw it back for “Quantum Flux” from their 2013 album Singularity

Fit For A King sold out St. Andrews Hall and it showed as they walked out to a roar of applause swallowing  the room as they broke into “The Hell We Create.”

After four songs from the new album, including “End (The Other Side)” and “Falling Through the Sky,” the band featured the title track from their 2016 album Deathgrip

Vocalist Ryan Kirby was full of smiles and constant appreciation for fans in between songs.

The crowd went wild for the live performance of “Backbreaker” – a song that contains one of the longest and most impressive screams in the metal industry.

Following “Bitter End” drummer Trey Celaya showcased an impressive drum solo.

The highlight of the evening was when Fit for a King brought out Detroit based band, Our Vices to join them on stage during the closing song. Encouraging the crowd to get as rowdy as they can – the band came out just in time for the breakdown.

You can stream The Hell We Create here and follow the band on Instagram.

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