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Gnostic Gorilla releases “Freak’s Mind”


When Dean Mason first started his career, it was originally just a hobby for him; releasing “dark electronic” music. In October 2018, his first album St. Basil’s Asylum was re-released by Cleopatra Records.

Early on his music was “straight forward alternative/punk/metal guitar based music,” but since 2012 he’s been staying in an electronic vibe with his sound, minus one element.

“… with the exception of the lovely violins of Damla Bozkurt,” said Mason. “I also use a lot of samples of ‘natural’ instruments’ like sitar etc.”

Quite often he’s moved to create sounds based on his mood or because of a specific style, preferring dark and abrasive. Sometimes he’s inspired by soundtracks.

“..or I heard some excellent sounds in a movie soundtrack,” added Mason. “Sinster and Queen of the Damned have great soundtracks.”

Gnostic Gorilla’s most recent release, Freak’s Mind, was released early this year.

“I had no idea what I was going to record,” he said, calling the vibe interesting. “I felt very inspired by a Doors/Morrison feel but mixed with an abrasive industrial sound.”

Much of his lyrics are sparked by the issues he sees in society.

“A lot of my lyrics deal with injustice and bigotry and hatred that still plagues the human race,” said Mason. “People are afraid of “the others” and that makes for hatred and eventually outright violence and in some cases genocide.”

The human struggle is discussed through his lyrics from an outsider perspective as he “never writes in first person.”

“I also never write ‘love songs’,” said Mason. “I’ll let Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga write love songs.”

Coming up for Gnostic Gorilla, a new release called Shaman Rave is to be expected. Additionally, he’s been working on an Australian-based project CRIX IIIX writing lyrics and recording vocals for two songs on their upcoming EP.

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