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Isabella Snow draws creativity from life and Chicago itself

The [Chicago] artistic community is very diverse yet small enough that I’m always rubbing elbows with people that inspire me…Many of us work with multiple mediums and often share with each other. It’s a very down-to-earth, open minded energy.”

Isabella Snow recently released her debut EP Mystic, marking a stride in her career as a Chicago based solo artist.

Since this is my debut EP, I had no idea how people would react to it,” Snow tells Resurget team member Jessica Gavrilovski. “It has been wonderful to hear all the feedback about the album as a whole and about people’s favorite songs!”

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My favorite comment I’ve gotten is that it is going to be ‘perfect for crisp, Fall nights’ and that is an enormous compliment to me,” Snow says. “If I can add to the atmosphere of your crisp, Fall night, I am definitely content.”

Snow is no stranger to the creative industry. She tells us that she majored in musical theatre and minored in make-up/costume design as well as jazz studies at Elmhurst College.

Having worked on both sides of production -designer and performer,” she says. “I’m always thinking of my artwork as a multi-sensory experience.”

That being said, Snow shares beautiful lyric artwork for her EP on her social media.

I love matching audio with visuals and movement  because each adds to the other,” she shares. “It works several different artistic muscles all at once, which ultimately showcases your personality within your work.  I am definitely a lyrically driven songwriter. Most songs I write start with finished lyrics and then I compose around them. So I wanted to add what my mind was visualizing when I was writing the lyrics.”

The album artwork for Mystic draws from the young artists personal life as well, noting that practicing Wicca is a large part of her life.

I used to keep it to myself because not everybody understands what I mean if I say, ‘Oh I’m a witch!'” she shares. “All it means is that I truly connect with the elements and our natural universe. I believe in a higher power and that we’re all connected to a greater realm of existence.”

Snow notes that being a Chicago artist helps contribute to the creative process, calling Chicago a “highly collaborative city.”

The artistic community is very diverse yet small enough that I’m always rubbing elbows with people that inspire me,” she says. “Chicago’s artists are also very versatile. Many of us work with multiple mediums and often share with each other. It’s a very down-to-earth, open minded energy.”

She tells us that the creative community in the city inspires her to try new things.

“I’ve been living here for only a year and a half and I’ve done live theatre, rock shows, burlesque, original music, and makeup artistry,” she says. “It’s a great city to explore several avenues in.”

As a multi-medium artist, Snow notes that while she loves creating as a whole, it is music that draws her in more.

“Music has an incredible influence over memory and the human spirit,” she says. “A few notes of a song can take you back to an exact moment and remind you just what you were feeling.  It’s part of the soundtrack in your story. That’s such a powerful thing for performer, writer, and listener.”

According to Snow, Mystic is the soundtrack to her life between the ages of 17 and 23.

I grew a lot as a person in that time and the entire process of creating them from start to finish took me on a wild ride,” she says. “For me, it’s relates to what I mentioned earlier about music taking you back to specific moments. I wrote moments of mine out that stuck with me.  I feel like I’m narrating my experiences through music.”

Now that Mystic has been released, Snow aims to keep working towards her long-term goals as a musician.

“Gigging and self promoting is a daily discipline,” she says. “There are so many talented people in the industry.  But at the end of the day, it’s about the work you put in and your attitude, not just your talent.”

While Snow recognizes the importance that music can have to a single person, she also knows that her platform can be used to impact a larger cause.

Eventually, I want to be a well known artist so that I can use my voice and resources to help create positive change in the world,” she says. “I want to be able to contribute to environmental efforts as well as human and animal rights efforts. I want my music to be there for people like so much music has been there for me.  I want to be using my methods of self expression towards the greater good because otherwise, what’s the point?”

You can stream Mystic here and follow Isabella Snow on Instagram to keep up to date with what she has in store.

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