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Jessie Reyez – Saint Andrews Hall – 11.12.18

Jessie Reyez, Savannah Rae, DJ Rosegold
Saint Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI – 11.12.18
Photographer: Kailey Howell

While the biting air and winter snow began to take full form in downtown Detroit this past Monday, there was no stopping the heat Jessie Reyez had to bring to the Motor City.

Fresh off the release of her newest EP Being Human in Public, Reyez stopped by Saint Andrews Hall to perform for a sold-out venue.

After starting the show with a more hidden presence, she removed her sweatshirt after the first two songs and provided the audience with both messages of empowerment and a radiating energy.

Throughout the interactive concert, she reflected on her past experiences trying to get into the music industry and recounted a horrific experience she encountered with a music figure head. He had told her, “Jessie, you can sing. But if you want to succeed, you gotta suck dick for a deal,” referencing the gravity of the sexist climate of the music industry, as well as the Me Too movement.

Before one of her latest singles, “Apple Juice,” she asked, “You ever love someone that never knew how to love you back?” Part of this charisma and vulnerability definitely suit the crowd filled with a diversity of age, color, gender, sexuality and energy. Her concerts, as she mentions, showcase the magic of diversity and unity of the world.

 “Isn’t it a blessing to have a room full of positive fucking people?”

Reyez asked the room full of energetic fans who were well-versed in her lyrics.

 “I believe in equality. If I see some shit, I’m gonna speak up.”

Reyez also didn’t forget to reference how grateful and excited she was to be featured on two songs in the Kamikaze album released by Detroit’s own, Eminem. She laughed it off, saying, “I don’t like to flex often, but I’m gonna take a moment to flex.”

Reyez carries a level of professionalism and fun like a seasoned music professional. With a stage presence as large as her spirit, she provided an eclectic, confident swagger on hits such as “Fuck Being Friends” and “Body Count.”

It is evident Reyez believes in sharing a positive atmosphere with her audience and made sure to keep the room engaged from start to finish, remarking, “You know what I don’t fuck with? I don’t fuck with no negative energy.”

However, she was not afraid to lay down her guard for the acoustic “Sola” and hit song “Figures.” Part of what makes Reyez such a magical artist is how down-to-earth and interactive she is with her fan base.

From starting mosh pits to doing brief interludes of meditation with the crowd, it shows how she is definitely learning how to become a master of her craft.

Stream Jessie Reyez’s latest EP Being Human in Public here.

The line up for this tour was stacked with powerful women of color. Savannah Ré uses her music to vocalize her black, feminine identity. Her powerful songs are relatable, and had the crowd singing along even if they were just recently introduced to her music. Her most recent song “Best is Yet to Come” can be streamed here. Her accompanying DJ, Rosegold started the evening out perfectly with playing a mix of hit songs.

The tour continues through early December. More information can be found here.

DJ Rosegold

Savannah Ré

Jessie Reyez

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