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Kitchen Dwellers give a unique take on the classics

This summer, Kitchen Dwellers announced the second installment of their Reheated series with a three song EP featuring reimagined Pink Floyd songs.

The EP includes covers of “Welcome to the Machine,” “Hey You” and “Pigs (Three Different Ones.” You can stream Reheated, Vol. 2 here.

The reaction has been very positive,” the band says. “You never want to have too high of expectations on the release of something, but we have heard nothing but great things and the music is reaching some new ears which is always a good thing.”

Kitchen Dwellers launched their Reheated series in 2018 with Vol. 1, a four-song EP that reimagined songs from The Band. This time around, the band explains that they wanted to stick more true to the original sound of the songs and recreate the sound of Pink Floyd.

The band recorded the EP at Mighty Fine Productions in Denver, CO with Colin Bricker, noting that these are “some of the best sounding recordings we’ve ever done.”

When we were in the studio we put the banjo through a talk box and even busted out a synthesizer so this was a cool project in the sense that we had the material down going into the studio and were able to do all kinds of fun things during the recording process,” the band says. “We also had to decide which acoustic instrument best reflected a member of Pink Floyd. For instance, the mandolin tackled a lot of the drum parts and banjo did some synthesizer parts.”

When it comes to picking what band to cover, Kitchen Dwellers shared that they gravitate towards music that has an elements that speaks to them.

“First we have to be fans of their music and then we also have to consider if it would work to put their music through our own process of singing and playing,” they explain. “We like to make weird noises with our instruments and have always embraced the experimental aspect of making music so Pink Floyd meshed really well with our approach.  We also try to tackle bands that might be out of our ordinary style of music to keep things interesting and if we learn a thing or two along the way that’s a huge bonus.”

The hardest part was getting down the timing of these songs,” they continue. “Pink Floyd uses a lot of different time signatures, often changing time signatures throughout one song. Making sure that we knew when things were changing and all being on the same page was one of the more difficult things.”

The band notes that the time signature was one of the biggest takeaways from this project.

“It reinforced the notion that we are not married to one style or form of music,” the band says. “That, and some of the new effects we utilized will probably show up somewhere along the way.”

The band is currently working on original music before releasing another Reheated installment but is open to any ideas for the future.

You can stream their most recent album Muir Maid here and follow the band on Facebook for more information.





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