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Livonia native Dan Cameron releases new single “Rock to my Roll”

Country artist Dan Cameron released his latest single, “Rock to my Roll” last week. The new single was written in collaboration with Solomon Philcox-Littlefield (guitarist featured with Luke Combs, Sam Hunt, Tim McGraw.)

Cameron grew up in Livonia, Michigan and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. He recorded the single with fellow Michigan native Brandon McLeod, the owner of 222 Studio Recording.

You can stream the single on Spotify, and well as his earlier 2020 single, “Love Fades” featuring Nate Smith.

Resurget caught up with Cameron to talk about the new release and the work behind it.

Resurget Magazine: Congrats on the release of “Rock to my Roll!”

Dan Cameron: Thank you so much, we are definitely excited about this one! 

Can you tell me about your inspiration behind the song, lyrically and with sound? 

DC: For sure! Ultimately, “Rock to my Roll” was a song that I had an idea for in the middle of last year, but had trouble figuring out how I wanted to portray the imagery within the track. After rewriting, re-organizing, etc. multiple times, the track finally developed into my vision! In the aspect of inspiration, I would say that “Rock to my Roll” has a big tie in with the emotional and nostalgic pieces of the Rock n’ Roll genre. I mean, Rock n’ Roll has influenced so many generations of people, relationships and allowed artists to create intense emotion over the decades since its birth. It’s truly inspirational from that aspect alone, however, the song also intertwines the concept of love, ultimately pairing it to a vintage sound.

What was it like collaborating with Solomon Philcox-Littlefield? Was this your first time working together? How did the process go?

DC: Ahhh, Sol! I love that dude! So, Solomon, better known as Sol, happened to be my neighbor here in Nashville after moving from a downtown apartment. Not knowing who he was or what he even did, we subsequently became friends after chatting a few times outside in passing. Over time, the more and more we hung out, the more I was able to see how incredible and talented he is, and that’s an understatement. He by far is the most selfless, most talented guitar player in Nashville and I am so sincerely grateful for what he has done for me.  This was our first project together, but the good news is that there is more in the works! The process of working together is unbelievable to say the least. Candidly, I wish I had more words on that. It’s just an absolute incredible experience working with Sol. Shout out, Sol!

In your opinion, how has your work progressed since your debut release?

DC: As far as my songwriting goes, it has progressed significantly. I have an EP we are working on finishing and hoping to have a December release date. The thing about music for me is that I am a student of it. There’s always so much to learn, and with every song I write and put out, the more I know and the more I am able to work harder and refine the process on the next song. The songs we have in the works now are a very different sound compared to much of the music I’ve released in the past. With that being said, we are so incredibly excited to get all of the new music done and out! 

If there was one thing that you wanted fans to understand through your work, what would it be?

DC: Oof, I love this question! For me personally, most of my songwriting comes from personal experiences which really lends itself to authenticity in my music. Another aspect of my music, which took me a long time to understand, is that I want to convey that our problems, experiences, and concerns, although individualized, typically never exist in isolation. Or put in another way, we are never alone. There is someone else in the world that is going through, or has gone through, what you are, and I want to be able to connect to that person and try and help in any way I can. In the past, this concept really connected with me and is the main drive for creating similar music.

You’re currently based in Nashville but grew up in Livonia – did that shift cause a change in your creative process at all?

DC: Definitely! So, in June of last year, I moved to Nashville to seek out a new opportunity with a company. Prior to my move, I lived in Virginia for two years attending college at Shenandoah University. After which, I moved between Australia and Europe for a year playing professional baseball. Naturally, music had been something I always did as a hobby. I always loved writing music, especially country music, so it was something I always kept up during my travelling. After coming home for a few months, a job opportunity came up in Nashville. I figured it was a great opportunity since Nashville was always a dream destination, so it was really a no-brainer to move here and pursue both my career and music. Both definitely keep me busy! No doubt about that!

You note that you have known Brandon since high school, what is it like working together?

DC: Working with Brandon… well, without him, music may have not existed in my life the way it has. Brandon and I were friends long before high school, which is a blessing itself. We date back to about kindergarten and always had “shows” in his basement, playing in a band in my garage, and even down to having the same guitar instructor for a while. Shout out, Aaron! Watching him turn his passion into his own studio has been amazing to see. Long story short, I could go on for hours, but working with Brandon is a blessing! I highly recommend him to anyone in the music world!

Can we expect more releases in 2020? Is there any that you can tell us about?

DC: Most definitely! As I mentioned earlier, we are currently working on a new EP! We are hoping to have this done by December as long as everything is able to continue smoothly with the current events. I’m just so excited for this new material, and even that’s an understatement. The lyrical content behind these new songs is incredible with so much depth. The instrumentation has more of a modern feel with some entangled classic country and rock roots. We’ve really been keen on experimenting with incorporating different sounds and textures into my music to create depth and ear-catching melodies and rhythms. Lastly, I have to give a ton of credit to the people I write with the most too. Namely, Derek Bowen and Steve Latkovic. They truly push me to become a better songwriter and musician! So, thank you guys for all of your help! It is immensely appreciated!

You can follow Dan Cameron on Facebook and stream his music on Spotify.



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