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Knocked Loose is No Longer Just Bark with “A Different Shade of Blue”

Starting off as the band known for just “Counting Worms” – Knocked Loose is proving to be an icon in the hardcore scene. 

Old Ham natives Knocked Loose have emerged as one of the hardest hitting bands, on and off the stage this past year.

Fresh off of their tour supporting A Day to Remember – the band released A Different Shade of Blue – the highly anticipated follow-up to their debut album Laugh Tracks.

The album was produced by Will Putney, and presents a more developed, elaborated sound than previous work. This is seen through the driven lyricism and musicianship that the work contains.

“Under Putney’s direction, the band cranked out twelve new tracks that deal with all manner of anger,” says a recent press release. “Especially loss in lieu of absence. Vocalist and lyricist Bryan Garris initially felt blocked heading into the studio but eventually found catharsis, as well as some of his most intensely personal lyrics to date.”

Previously looked as an up and coming band playing Vans Warped Tour, Knocked Loose uses A Different Shade of Blue to shape the metal scene as a whole. Guest tracks with Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die show a collaboration with a standing, respected musician in the scene. However, working with Emma Boster of Dying Wish highlights the diversity and development in the industry.

“Knocked Loose is the proverbial fish walking on land– the end of the evolution, and possibly the apex of the metallic hardcore punk movement thus far,” says a recent press release. “Ably combining the teeth-clenching hatred of a hardcore band with the unmitigated technicality and ferocity of metal, Knocked Loose have conceived state of the art hatred– a true melting pot of ideas that combines pit-ready riffs, memorable songwriting and deviously clandestine melody into a boiling-over pot of vitriol.”

“Belleville,” the opening track, hits hard with emerging lyrics,

“Make me feel / I need you to make me feel.”

The album truly does make the listener feel – starting with the first track. The continuous quick paced riffs create a sense of urgency and anxiety in the reader. But, before you can even comprehend it the sound slows down to steady tempo – slow enough to emphasize the lyrics,

“And now I’m faced with / Ultimate despair / I need you to make me feel / To make me fucking care/ I’m growing numb.”

When the debut single, “Mistakes Like Fractures” was released back in April – fans knew that this album was sure to bring forth some of the best talent from the band. A fine example of this is the song “By the Grave.” The songs seamlessly flows into a low tuned breakdown that sends chills down your spine.

“A Serpents Touch” is one of the best tracks on the album. While there is more tones than lyrics, the ones that are screamed ring through your ears and stay in your brain. The perfect timing of Isaac Hales low screams complements Brian Harris’s short breathed assertions.

The goldmine in this song is Emma Boater’s verse. The hardcore scene is full of talented female vocalists that go unrecognized by the mainstream community. Her developed, piercing lines bring the track to life while giving a nod to women across the scene.

Other notable tracks include “In the Walls,” “Denied by Faith” and the closing track “Misguided Son.”

Starting off as the band known for just “Counting Worms” – Knocked Loose is proving to be an icon in the hardcore scene.

Knocked Loose will touring this fall in honor of the release. Tickets for their show at Saint Andrews Hall on November 9th can be purchased here.

Stream A Different Shade of Blue here and watch the video for “… And I Still Wander South” below.

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