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Knocked Loose – St. Andrews Hall – 11.9.19

Knocked Loose, Stick to Your Guns, Rotting Out, Candy, See You Space Cowboy
St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI – 11.9.19
Photographer: Kailey Howell

After shaking the hardcore scene with the release of their sophomore album, A Different Shade of Blue, Old Ham County natives Knocked Loose sold out St. Andrews Hall along the final stretch of their fall tour.

The band had mentioned on Twitter that the last few dates of the tour were very important to them, noting the closing night in Chicago as being one they were most excited for. Fans were eager to help drive the energy there as they threw themselves in some of the most aggressive pits at the venue here in Detroit.

Opening with “Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory,” one the leading singles off the album. The room broke into chaos as the floor opened up.

Vocalist Bryan Garris did not stop moving throughout the set, showcasing some of the highest stamina that I have personally seen from a frontman.

Garris is not the only high energy member of this band. The passion and dedication radiated from each member. Isaac Hale, Kevin Otten, Cole Crutchfield and Kevin Kaine pour their talent out on stage with intricate musicianship that carries Garris’s vocals.

The band was sure to include hard-hitting tracks from previous works such as “All My Friends” and “Oblivions Peak.”

Security was definitely given a run for their money at this show, as crowd surfers flooded the barrier. “Deadringer” opened one of the rowdiest pits of the night.

The band closed their set with one of their most iconic songs, “Counting Worms” – and yes, the entire room barked along with Garris.

Direct support for Knocked Loose this tour was Stick to Your Guns. A band with a level of seniority as STYG opening for Knocked Loose only further highlights the idea that Knocked Loose is becoming a landmark in the hardcore scene.

Opening with “Against Them All,” this band showed fans that they were not here to be a half-staffed opener. Vocalist Jesse Barnett gave a heartfelt political speech before breaking into “No Tolerance,” the second to last track before closing with “This Is More.”

Rotting Out, Candy and See You Space Cowboy were nearly perfect openers for this tour. Each hardcore band brought their own unique twist that drove the audience from standing to nonstop moving from the first set of the night.

Knocked Loose will be performing at the first annual Christmas Burns Red Festival hosted by August Burns Red. Follow the band on Facebook to keep up to date with future shows.

Knocked Loose

Stick To Your Guns

Rotting Out


See You Space Cowboy

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