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Knuckle Puck – The Sanctuary – 02.22.20

Chicago natives, Knuckle Puck, rolled through The Sanctuary with Heart Attack Man and One Step Closer on February 22nd.

Wilkes-Barre, PA band, One Step Closer, brought us a heavier vibe for the night. The straight edge hardcore band gave us contrasting sounds to that of the two others, and definitely left the crowd wanting more.

Heart Attack Man, Cleveland’s own and new crowd favorite, brought everything to the stage. Crowdsurfers, stage divers and groups of fans on stage for songs- HAM left the room buzzing with their energy, and it was the perfect way to get everyone’s energy up for when the Chicago band hit the stage

The room anxiously waited for Knuckle Puck to take the stage and soon enough, there they were. Starting off with a hit from their last LP release Shapeshifter, the chords of “Double Helix” rang out. We were presented with a wonderful medley of song choices, including “Disdain” and “Pretense” from the wonderful 2015 release that was Copacetic. It’s safe to say that seeing them in a room the size of The Sanctuary brought back the nostalgic feelings of when the band first began touring.

As much as they may joke about it, Knuckle Puck have plans on releasing a new album soon, and they are bringing a sneak peek of that on this tour. While playing the latest single “Tune You Out” and an unreleased title by the name of “Breathe,” we can’t wait to say what is coming from this band in the near future.

Until then, you can find both Knuckle Puck and Heart Attack Man continuing this tour through the end of March.

More information can be found here.

One Step Closer


Heart Attack Man


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