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Lights – St. Andrews Hall – 3.9.18

Lights, Chase Atlantic & DCF
St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI – 3.9.2018
Photographer: Kailey Howell

After the successful release of her fourth album, Skin & Earth, Canadian singer/songwriter Lights took off on the We Were Here Tour featuring Chase Atlantic and DCF. The Detroit stop of the tour sold out day of show, where fans lined up down the street eagerly for her set.

Kicking off the evening was pop artist DCF (David Charles Fischer), who was donned in his trademark prince attire. His set was short, but far from boring. Fischer included his most recent single “Bring a Friend”.

In addition to the mixes of hit pop songs, he included his 2015 song “John Cusack”.  Fischer interacted with the crowd in order to set the energy high for the night, and the crowd happily obliged when he joined them at the barrier.

Chase Atlantic, an alternative Australian band took the stage next. Vocalist Mitchel Cave was nonstop on stage during the opening song “Swim” off of the band’s 2017 self titled album, Chase Atlantic.

With a sound comparable to The Weeknd, the band introduced some R&B vibes when Clinton Cave broke out the saxophone. Their set also included “Friends” off of their 2015 EP, Nostalgia.  They were greeted by fans singing along to almost the entire set, proving that the band is one to keep an eye on in the industry.

Finally, Lights danced onto the stage as the crowd erupted into applause and cheers. She opened with sultry song “New Fears” as her silhouette danced in front of the LED screen. Fans screamed back the lyrics “And I will back you up, I will show you love
I will give you all I got ’til I cannot”.

Lights was constantly moving her body in a way that captivated the crowd, and always flowed perfectly with her voice. During “Toes” Lights joined the crowd at the barrier full of smiles.

Afterwords, Lights was delivered what appeared to be a pizza on stage. As she opened it, she revealed a synthesizer inside. She laughed as she played the intro to “Up We Go”, a song off of her 2014 album, Little Machines.

After “Moonshine”, an interlude played on the screen. It was an animation of her comic for Skin & Earth. Lights emerged back onto stage as she performed the love song, “Banner” followed by an acoustic rendition of “Face Up”.

After performing hit single “Giants”, Lights exited the stage. Fans cheered and begged for more songs. She closed the evening with a two song encore including “We Were Here” and “Almost Had Me”.

The We Were Here Tour continues through March and ends in April with a 4 show run in  Ontario. You can listen to Skin & Earth here.

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